You try to do the right thing for your kids. You have a house. You get a good job. You provide for their care.
Then Your wife moves in with her boyfriend and your world is turned upside down.

Per court order, visitation rights are almost 50/50. I work in healthcare and my work schedule is not typical. My shifts are set on a rotating schedule to where I work three on two off two on two off, etcetera. Basically it means that, although I want him on my days off, i felt my son would benefit from a more consistent schedule to where he wouldn't have to be bounced around from house to house as frequently. So a plan was made to have him stay with one parent one week and the other parent the next week.week. I would still be able to drop him off to school before work and pick him up after work.
Your spouse has the right of first refusal.

COVID19 hits

Your spouse is accommodating to your schedule and takes the right of first refusal while you are at work. This 'accommodation ' comes at a price, however. Not only do you not see your kid during that time but you pay for the privilege. You get a new order for custody that gives that time to your spouse . So that would mean that even if I get called off from work,I would still have to drop him off in the morning to his mom's house and then pick him up in the afternoon. This defeats the purpose of not being bounced around from house to house. Not only that, child support payments go up as well.
Now I do not mind the support payments as much as His bouncing around all the time and the time with and custody of my son. I am screwed for trying to do what is best for my son. I am defeated for doing the right thing.
This divorce was supposed to end before COVID struck but it kept dragging out by lack of response from settlement offer back in 2019. As a result, my child suffers, and I am screwed in Child custody, financially, and emotionally.
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