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How can you find reliable peer support when you verbally process?

After someone really close to me recently told me that they feel they cannot support me (despite them doing so for the past 5 years and they have helped me the most - and I do the same for them) because everything they do or say "turns to dust", and they said harsh and judgemental things, I am feeling at a loss for supports who understand how I process.

Everyone in my life struggles with mental health/and or physical health issues. I know that having a large support network is key, along with having people that are "doers, listeners, distractors". I have a therapist, but my sessions are almost up. I need someone who doesnt mind checking in with me every day and who has empathy and compassion. I have had enough tough love, people dismissing or demeaning me, ableist attitudes and responses. Im working through intense trauma, and finally need to focus on me. But my resources have dried up and I'm hurting, frustrated, feel silenced, and very alone. #Need support #needhelp #emotionaltrauma #emotional #ExhaustedAlways #Recoveryinprogress #struggling #seekingsupport #MentalHealth #FeelingAlone #Processfeelings #proccessingtakestime #processdifferently #needingvalidation #silenced


a good cry

I was really stressed this morning, and driving didn’t help that. my car and I are getting to that point where she’s unreliable and I’m afraid. so when I got home, I cried. a lot. Then I heated up some leftovers, still feeling sad, and watched some videos. By the end of the night, my roommate had called me and I was feeling much better. No, nothing is fixed, but I let myself process my emotions without suppressing them. That hasn’t happened for a while. #CheckInWithMe #Emotions #Processfeelings #feelings #Selfcare #selfcaresunday