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What can I do? #Lesbian #momof2

Let me start by saying, I grew up in a very strict, conservative Christian household and always felt that I needed to hide who I truly was. I came out as lesbian in November of 2019 and have had my family completely shut me out, some of them even disowning me. It’s been almost a year and there are people I have literally not spoken to since coming out, and it’s so hurtful and discouraging. Does anyone have any advice on how to cope with this or how I can calmly discuss my feelings with my family? Thanks in advance for the support!! #Lesbian #MentalHealthAwareness #BPD #howtocope #seekingsupport 🌈💕👩‍👩‍👦‍👦


I finally opened up....

I finally told someone close to me what ive been going through. I told my mom...... I told her about my first relationship when i was underage and how he was grooming me to be his bondage pet. I told her how my second relationship stole my virginity from me. And contunued to rape me for he next year we were together. How hed take me to busy places (like disney) and abandon me to punish me for being so dumb. I have severe anxiety before this so it was traumatic. I told her about the guy i worked at a haunted house with and how he made me think wed work on a zombie movie but then he ended up being 20 years older than he said and tried to rape me. Thank god someone called me for an emergency. Hed already done it to 3 other girls i knew i found out. We were all under 16 and he was in his 40s. And i told her how my most recent relationship has evolved from one of sexual and physical abuse to one of emotional and mental abuse. Because we all live together (me him and my whole family) he has to be more discreet. I want to say hes kinder and not as bad as he used to be but i think im realizing that thats just me saying that the emotional abuse is ol because at least hes not touching me anymore..... And its not ok. And i wish more than anything he could just be the good side of him and never treat me that way again but i know that to him im like an accessory. Women are a piece to complete him a goal in a set of rewards that mark real adulthood and success.
Ive had so many wrongs against me in my life and I dont extract myself from them... Trust me i blame myaelf hard for all the trauma ive let myaelf be in.
But i honestly just dont know what healthy is or hlw to move on.
Im scared to lose the guy im with and be alone. But if i wasnt with him would i be alone? Or qould i finally get to spread my wings and be social amd free.....

Im only just now going to be 27 and i feel like ive never lived like a 20 year old. Ive always wanted to go with friends to a club drink and dance.. Have fun... Feel free and young.....

I even find myself realizing that my chronic pain started hard after a particularly bad ... Physically related.... Fight between he and i....
I feel like im being abusjve blaming him or talking about what hes done and how its negatively affected me..... But in reality him and this abusjve relationahip have really taken a lot from me... And done a lot to me...

I have so many stories to tell and I think id like tonstart chronicaling them here one at a time.
Is sharing my stories complaining? Is it going to be a bother? Is this not the right place to do it?
Id just love to be able to anonymously get it out and hear how others see itm so i can dig out of this gaslight hole im in and see whats real....

I just dont know anymore and i dont know how to move forward....

#shouldistay #shouldigo #Abuse #abusiverelationships #mentalabuse #SexualAbuse #EmotionalAbuse #Broken #fighting #lost #grieving #venting #exposing #MyTruth #seekingsupport


How can you find reliable peer support when you verbally process?

After someone really close to me recently told me that they feel they cannot support me (despite them doing so for the past 5 years and they have helped me the most - and I do the same for them) because everything they do or say "turns to dust", and they said harsh and judgemental things, I am feeling at a loss for supports who understand how I process.

Everyone in my life struggles with mental health/and or physical health issues. I know that having a large support network is key, along with having people that are "doers, listeners, distractors". I have a therapist, but my sessions are almost up. I need someone who doesnt mind checking in with me every day and who has empathy and compassion. I have had enough tough love, people dismissing or demeaning me, ableist attitudes and responses. Im working through intense trauma, and finally need to focus on me. But my resources have dried up and I'm hurting, frustrated, feel silenced, and very alone. #Need support #needhelp #emotionaltrauma #emotional #ExhaustedAlways #Recoveryinprogress #struggling #seekingsupport #MentalHealth #FeelingAlone #Processfeelings #proccessingtakestime #processdifferently #needingvalidation #silenced


What coping skills do you use in the midst of anxiety attacks? #seekingsupport

I’ve gone to visit my sister for the weekend and am beginning to struggle quite a bit with anxiety. I have run out of herbal tea and didn’t bring my essential oils with me. If anyone has any advice on potential coping skills please let me know! I’m seeking support from the community!


Dealing with my spouse’s anger and resentment — he won’t recognize or believe my non existent libido Any one have some helpful advice? #seekingsupport


New Here

I'm new to The Mighty, and I'm just really hoping that I can find some good support here. I'd talk to my friends, but they all just seem to be annoyed that I can't just "get over it" already.
#newhere #seekingsupport