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#really struggling lately

This has been a really difficult month for me. I am in such a dark place. None of my usual distractions are working. I am so lost I feel like I am drowning. Sleeping seems to be the only place where I have a life I enjoy, and living for me. Any suggestions words of wisdom would be much appreciated.


I've been in my head the last couple days.I've started typing, then I would delete it. I don't want to feel as through I'm a bother, I tired to speak to my aunt about it and she said totally dismissed what I said. That hurt cause the last time this happened, she told me to get ahold of her. So I had a bad day at work (Saturday), well a bad month at work really. I got a promotion, awesome. It's been a month I think. I'm always being asked to help other people, which is fine, I need to do my work. I'm just learning my area so it's takes me a little longer to do these tasks. I couldn't take it anymore, I called in Sunday and stayed in bed all day and barely ate. Today I just don't feel like myself. My anexity is through the roof, and I have no desire to sleep. I'm frustrated, I'm a mess. Thanks for listening. #anexity #Mess #really


Trying to slim down #Obesity #gallbladder #Selfcare #smart

I’m looking for ideas . DH wants to take me out for dinner tonight I’m supposed to be on a no grease diet it’s going to be either a chicken joint or a Chinese/fusion steakhouse type (before you start .. we will pick it up drive to the beach and eat in the car) what are some choices #really trying #smartchoices

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#really alone

With all the world is going through I’m sure I’m not the only person that feels alone. My PTSD, depression and anxiety/ social anxiety are through the roof. I ready to really lose it and it’s scary. This would be the time to have a BFF to talk to about all my crap. But there is no one. Not one person (seriously no one) family included knows how bad it is.... I can’t finish a sentence with those around me, let alone share what’s going on inside me. I’m always interrupted so I stopped trying years ago. I have not one friend and only my therapist can I vent to. It’s been over a month not now since I saw my therapist. It’s feels like a death has been attached to my list of mental health problems. I spend more days standing back and watching my body in robot mode around the house. It’s frightening. I’ve checked out. But how long can this continue. The fight has left and I don’t know if I care anymore. Pain is getting too much.....


The cleaning conundrum #

#52SmallThings #really really downsized Myspace my articles of being and it is just myself so I just choose to do a couple little things every day they make it a new routine so it's not to drive me crazy cuz I used to spin in circles and try and push through the day and as got a long in this practice the mess really diminished for it was something that was handled a little bit at a time everyday which really helped me



so I’ve been feeling pretty shit, my body feels broken and sore. my brains and mood swings are giving me whip lash I mean come on really??? so I go to my doctors appointment and tell them look at me not my bipolar I’m not doing so good I feel so crappy a difficult different kind of crappy. so she scribbles a prescription and says calmly. your going thru the menapause!!! please someone shoot me and put me out my misery!!!! because nobody’s helping me. why do I sometimes feel like I’m the only person on this site??? how can there be so many people on the earth yet I still feel lonely............

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Doctor won't treat my pain anymore due to bad generic brand medicine #really suffering

I have been on my pain med for probably 10 years. I know I have a tolerance but besides that I try to manage with it until now.  My pharm. changed to a different generic brand due to better cost and it doesn't work for me at all!  And I am getting bad side effects.  I tried to be honest with my doctor and that bit me in the you know what.  Now she won't treat my pain anymore.  It is sad to say but I wonder if she was looking for a way out.  This is all b/c of my tolerance and that stupid brand change!  I need help.  I am trying to drink to soothe the pain it sucks!

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