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What's New in #MondayMotivation

It's Monday Motivation

Do you like Mondays? I don't. Mondays are like every morning to me. I don't like getting out of bed. I set an alarm for 930 am daily. Monday's are are I feel every morning. Lol. Not wanting to end the weekend, or, start the day. Monday's mean starting a new week of appointments. But....I have to snap myself out of it. I have to tell myself it'll be ok. That getting up, starting the day/week is good. That I can't sleep the day away. I get up, make the calls, zooms and appointments. I smile and play music to pep myself up. By the end of the day, I am ready to tackle the rest of the week. Do whatever you need to motivate yourself. What are some things that you all do?


Here's to 30... #MondayMotivation #MentalHealth

I just turned 30 this past Friday. I honestly never thought that I would make it to 18, nonetheless 30, so…

…Here’s to 30 finally being the time to push myself to reach goals that I have put off for far too long…

…Here’s to 30 finally being the time to start believing in myself…

…Here’s to 30 finally being the time to build up my self-confidence…

…Here’s to 30 finally being the time to leave the past in the past…

…Here’s to 30 finally being the time to love myself for who I am & for the person I aspire to be…

…Here’s to 30 being my best year yet!

#Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #MentalHealth #Motivation

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Don’t get too busy making a living...

Motivation Monday!

Do you ever feel like your life has no time for *living*?

Like there’s no time to spare for enjoyment and fun?

Life can get busy, and busyness can be good, but sometimes, we need to say no to things that are not fulfilling us and spend time to live our lives for us.

What’s one thing you enjoy doing that really makes you feel like you’re *living* :)?

#MentalHealth #mentalhealthmotivation #fridayfeelings #Anxiety #Depression #PTSD #DependentPersonalityDisorder #MondayMotivation #youvegotthis #live #mentalhealthmatters #emotionalhealth

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Others don’t need to understand your journey...

Have you ever faced a mental health struggle that others don’t understand? I know I have, and it is tough to navigate.

It’s so important to remember that your journey does not need to be explained to others.
Often, there isn’t much you can explain because you don’t fully understand it yourself!

That is okay! In fact, it’s completely normal. Don’t let others make you feel less than for working through your struggle. You are working through that struggle for a reason, you are working through it for you!

#MentalHealth #mentalhealthmotivation #Depression #Anxiety #MondayMotivation #PTSD #youvegotthis