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13 things about my 45 days in ICU

I’ve been thinking back on my time in the intensive care unit in 2022 after emergency gallbladder surgery. At this point I am able to look back at some of the things that happened. I’ve consolidated several pieces of information that I learned. I hope if you’ve gone through something similar or even if you haven’t, this may help you or someone you care about! Thank you for reading and please share! #MuscularDystrophy #gallbladder #intensivecare


Trying to slim down #Obesity #gallbladder #Selfcare #smart

I’m looking for ideas . DH wants to take me out for dinner tonight I’m supposed to be on a no grease diet it’s going to be either a chicken joint or a Chinese/fusion steakhouse type (before you start .. we will pick it up drive to the beach and eat in the car) what are some choices #really trying #smartchoices

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I might have something else now too! #ChronicPain #gallbladder

So for the last 2 or 3 months, I’ve had a near constant pain/discomfort in my upper right abdomen - right up under the ribs - and it goes round into my back etc. Most of the time it’s fairly mild, but there are times where for a few hours it gets UNBEARABLE.
My mind went straight to the obvious- gallbladder. I tried to call my usual doctors multiple times, but because of covid my local surgery’s got some weird issues with times and availability, so I kept being put through to the ‘on duty’ doctors and nurses who KEPT telling me I was overreacting and that it was just ibs, despite me telling them that after having ten years of IBS I have NEVER felt pain in this area and NEVER felt pain this severe. After two weeks of this I finally got through to one of my normal doctors who immediately became concerned and, like me, felt it was probably gallbladder related. She immediately referred me for a scan, however over the next few days I was rushed into hospital because the pain became so severe I couldn’t even move. They ran scans, blood tests, and gave me thorough checkovers and couldn’t find any signs of inflammation or gallstones. However, they’re also convinced it’s probably still something to do with the gallbladder - perhaps a functional problem - and they and my doctor have referred me to a specific department for further tests and treatment.
I’m managing the pain with codeine, but it’s barely doing anything - the only thing that fully helped was the morphine I was given in hospital. I’m already going through so much at the moment this really is making everything so much worse. :(


#HIDAScan and #GallbladerSurgery Experience?

I’m getting a HIDA scan beginning of next week because we found out that my gallbladder is slightly deformed and could be the cause of my life-long chronic nausea and pain. I was fine until I heard horror stories regarding the scan and the surgery to removal the gallbladder, if that’s needed in my case. Would anyone be willing to share their experiences?
#GallbladderDisease #gallbladder #Surgery #HIDAScan #GallbladderSurgery #Scan

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#DistractMe from the Latest Kate

My #gallbladder has been acting up since the very beginning of November, and the first available surgical date ended up being Dec 27. Thanksgiving was a bit of a bust, not being able to eat, and I'll be down for actual Christmas day.
Are you looking forward to the holiday season? Looking forward to making it through?


#Hospital #gallbladder #Anxiety #Pain #Prayersneeded

At the ER now with abdominal pain. They are thinking my gallbladder is going out. So prayers needed! Thanks a lot!


Post surgery longer time on pain meds

I’ve had two major surgeries in a year. Both have required me being on narcotic pain medication for longer than the typical patient. How can I get this documented so that it is noted that typically I need about double the length of time on narcotics before transitioning to OTC pain meds? Worried that the ED docs and my regular physicians will not believe me and not give me more pain medication.
#Surgery #gallbladder #dilaudid

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Gallbladder surgery #gallbladder #Surgery

Had my gallbladder removed today and I’m struggling with the pain around my bellybutton. Anyone else out there who had this and struggled with recovery. I was told my gallbladder was abnormal after the surgery and they had to make a bigger cut to take it out.


What sorts of bunk advice have you dealt with receiving from friends, family members, and strangers?

When I had to have my #gallbladder out for severe #gallstones , I had people telling me I could avoid surgery by eating nothing but green apples and drinking nothing but apple juice to "cleanse" my gallbladder. I have also had many other suggestions on how to "holistically" deal with my #autoimmune issues, like #EhlersDanlosSyndrome , #MCAS , and #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome