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A good thing #Reasons2Recover #Depression #Goodthoughts

His eyes are the color of the ocean on a bright clear day
His lips taste like the salt of an ocean breeze
His touch is the gentle caress of the waves on a familiar shore
And his hug feels like the sun on my face after a long dark winter

#LoveThatBoy #CysticFibrosis #lightinthedarkness


Reasons to recover?

I’be hit a low at the moment and I really need some support, I think a list of reasons to recover would be a helpful thing to have by my side but I can’t think to clearly myself at the moment. Please could you share some reasons to recover? They can be for anything, big or small anything is valid, no matter how serious or silly if it helps you it matters. Thank you.
#MentalHealth #AnorexiaNervosa #EatingDisorders #Anxiety #Depression #Reasons2Recover


What is a Work Accomodation Interactive Meeting like? What should I know going into one?

I just started a new career and asked for an accommodation. I need time off to attend weekly therapy and psychiatrist appointment for my #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression and #Psychosis #Reasons2Recover what should I keep in mind when attending my interactive meeting? What advice do you #MightyTogether have about it? What has been your experience in requesting an accommodation at work


How do you measure anxiety? #Reasons2Recover

What’s Progress? 🤔
- I’ve made at least two phone calls recently
- I’ve asked questions about other people in a group chat
- I went for a prescription renewal and didn’t panic about the contagious germs I was certain to catch
- I considered calling someone, maybe my mother, to invite them over today! (Before I got a headache)
- I acknowledge my anxiety is partially triggered by the physical situation, partially the social situation, and I am patient with myself when I have not been calm or okay at those times.
- The fear of pain, foggy-headedness, judgement, is not going to stop me from living my life
These are my reasons to keep working for recovery! 😊
#SocialAnxiety #Anxiety #Reasons2Recover


To discover who I am.

To embrace the imperfection and live, instead of trying to be perfect and simply existing.

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So many Reasons

My family - 19 year old daughter, her 1 year old son, my 75 year old mother
My farm - keeping my dad's legacy & dreams alive
People that need me - family that I'm a rock for. Aforementioned family, my 22 year old nephew & his 20 year old gf that are about to become parents for the first time!🌻 My dogs 💜 My grandson 🚂My mother🌺


My nephews' and niece's laugh, my sisters' hugs and concern for me, all the traveling I want to do, God's promise that He has a plan and purpose for me.