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#StayStrong #Loveyou #youwillbeokay #Goodthoughts

Keep pushing through and try hard to focus on the good. I promise you that even in the ugliest days there are still good things that can keep us pushing through. I love you all.

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Good morning friends. Happy Tuesday.#Goodthoughts #happyfeelings

Another thing is, If you have a person in your life who always complains about the same thing over and over again. You can only sometimes take so much of it. Like if you tired to give advice and help them. They choose not to take the advice or help. They just keep venting about it over and over again. That really gets to you. So you just kind of have to stop being friends with them. #Friendship #Friends

I used to have this online friend back in the day. She was depressing & had a negative mindset. It really rubbed off on me. I've had to work a lot to switch that thinking. It's not easy thing to do. I was in such a dark mind and place. When i loo back I don't even now who that 20 something girl was. I have changed and grown. I don't wanna blame my #Depression or #NegativeThoughts on here that person. butt it just shows when you are around someone who is always so moody, That isn't good.

All i want is to be truly happy.#behappy


Being in Pain at work

Yesterday was months end. The second time around was surprising more difficult and much more chaotic than the first. The work itself was not hard. Feeling everything happening in my body behind a strong and calm game face was the most draining part of all of it. Pushing myself to focus and keep going with a smile is where I ultimately found myself struggling. So much, that I didn’t let myself take a break. At the end of the day, holding back tears and fighting the pains, I was so glad to have pushed myself to pull through with my work people. I learned a lot about myself and how strong I can be in controlling my emotions under pressure and work demands. Will it get harder, who knows. But, through the good (and bad), I made it- and I’ll take it :) #Pain #Stress #Goodthoughts


#Lupusflare please send #Goodthoughts

I’m in so much pain. Feeling weak and tired. Completely exhausted and nauseous. Need a break but it’s month end for me and the busiest and worst time of the month for me to be off sick. Just want to curl up and sleep forever.


A good thing #Reasons2Recover #Depression #Goodthoughts

His eyes are the color of the ocean on a bright clear day
His lips taste like the salt of an ocean breeze
His touch is the gentle caress of the waves on a familiar shore
And his hug feels like the sun on my face after a long dark winter

#LoveThatBoy #CysticFibrosis #lightinthedarkness


Inspiring Aphorisms by Sri Chinmoy

So I have a bunch of beautiful cards by Sri Chinmoy and today I decided that I will pick a card at random hopefully every day (fingers crossed) and see what my daily inspiring aphorism will be.

Day 1 - Forgive to be happy. Forget the sad experience to be permanently happy ~ Sri Chinmoy

#Aphorism #Anxiety #Goodthoughts #Willtryanything