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Do you like to see lights amid darkness?

Tonight was my first attempt at using an artificial candle to aid me in nighttime photograph. I put the 'candle' on a path near my house, stood back and took a photo.

I find that for me, especially in the times when it can seem like there is not a whole lot of light visible at the end of whatever tunnel I am in, that light is still yearned for. So a light amid the darkness helps fill my bucket even if only by a few drops.

What are your thoughts?

#lightinthedarkness #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #panic #DistractMe #Nighttime

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Little accomplishments #Depression

Today I cooked. I actually spent 30 minutes cooking after washong some dishes that have been sitting in the sink for a few weeks because I could not bring myself to do it. I cooked. For the first time in a month I cooked and I'm giving my body proper food.
I'm feeling good. It's such a silly thing but at this moment, eating the food I cooked for the first time in over a month, it doesn't feel so dark.
Celebrate whatever little thing you do.
#Depression #Suicide #CPTSD #lightinthedarkness

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Glorious Skies #mightyartists #mightyphoto #beautyisallaround #lightinthedarkness #PTSD

The sky has been something that has helped me cope with my P.TS.D a million times, even as a child I was I love with cloud watching and well as when you are struck with a sky like this, it's like my eyes want to eat it. I could just soak up every last ray of glory!!
I wish I could paint one half as beautiful as the real thing.. I think I need metallic paint.
The beauty of nature gets me through alot 🥀🌷🌱🌊🍀🏞️🌄🌅🌈🌈🌈✨✨🌠⚡🌟🌟🐾🏕️🏔️⛰️🗻🏞️🏝️🌌🎆🎇🎨🖌️🖼️
Thank god for art and adventure 🙏

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Light in the Darkness

I bought this bonsai tree starter kit with my tax return, along with a new phone and case, Animal Crossing, and a couple pairs of Converse, right before I got permanently laid off from my dream job two weeks ago. I ultimately returned the shoes because my husband and I could use the money. I knew I would need the phone upgrade to aid my job search, Animal Crossing for an escape from my depression and major anxiety that's worse than normal because of the unemployment, and the bonsai kit to have something to look forward to and be excited about during this difficult time. These little guys are my light in the darkness right now, my hope for growth in the midst of pain and anxiety.

#MightyMoment #lightinthedarkness #Depression #Anxiety #future

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Clouds are becoming near an obsession
So much beauty in the contrast of light and dark
The darker, thicker, heavier ... the more striking

The analogies between clouds, weather, mind, & mood ...
Nearly as endless as the cloud variations themselves.

Learning to see beauty and light
Even when oppressed by the heaviest of darkness
Maybe, just maybe that’s what can pull us through ...

Those points of light, even when small or shifting #Beauty #Depression #lightinthedarkness


A good thing #Reasons2Recover #Depression #Goodthoughts

His eyes are the color of the ocean on a bright clear day
His lips taste like the salt of an ocean breeze
His touch is the gentle caress of the waves on a familiar shore
And his hug feels like the sun on my face after a long dark winter

#LoveThatBoy #CysticFibrosis #lightinthedarkness


It’s the Little Things #thearmedpoet #themightypoets

“The way the trees line the winding roads, the way the autumn leaves turn before they fall. It’s how excited my dog gets when I come home, and it’s how pretty I feel when I put on makeup. It’s when a great song comes on and I get to jam out in the car. It’s when I buy some colorful, new pens. Its warm bubbly feeling I get when my boyfriend says something sweet, and the sense of pride I have when I do something right. It’s the little things in life that keep me going. It’s the little things that show me the light.”

.The Armed Poet. #ItsTheLittleThings #Selfcare #lightinthedarkness