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Tattoo Number 5 Warrior 🦋( Late birthday Present)

So my birthday was recently ( February 28th) and I wanted to get a tattoo I got this done on Friday and as I reflect on what this tattoo means to me I can cry not only does this signifies the fact that I been self harming off and on since I was 14 ( something I never shared with anyone) but how much I overcame every obstacle that life threw at me I always wanted a semicolon tattoo and i finally got one and what made it even more special is that my sister and my cousin chose the word so I absolutely love my tattoo


Self Harm Anniversary #Selfharm #MentalHealth #SelfharmRecovery #RecoveryTattoos

So my year anniversary of self harming is coming up soon I can hardly believe that it will almost be a year since I self harmed it's crazy because I promised myself when I make it to a year I was going to get a tattoo and now I'm almost there and to be completely honest I never thought that I would make it this far along now it's time for me to go on Pinterest and look for tattoo ideas

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I want to get an ear tattoo

Ive been thinking about this for ages. I want to get a simple tattoo on my ear.

Something like this, but with three lines on the outer ear, and a small black dot inside.

I was thinking of getting a small helix ear piercing, but i think tattoo would be less maintenance long term and less hassle with healing.

Ive never had a tattoo before - so i'm kind of hoping someone can talk me out of it.

Any tattoo cons? Anything you wish you'd known before?

Assuming i go to a good studio with good hygene etc.

The simple design is something that i can put a lot of meaning to. The stripes are like my "warrior stripes" for everything ive been through, the small black dot is representative of my hurt and pain.


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Seal on My Promise #Suicide #Depression #RecoveryTattoos

Here’s my first tattoo. I got it a few weeks ago to commemorate my promise (made two years prior) that I wouldn’t take my life, no matter how hard life got. Pray for me to continue to stand strong. #SuicideAwareness #ProjectSemicolon

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I got a tattoo of a tree with no leaves and one little bird flying away. Typically when people get tattoos they hold some meaning or resemble something, or just because they like the design or words. Whatever it is, it’s your meaning and your reason. When I was in rehab at a really young age for drug abuse, I lost everything In my eyes at the time. I didn’t have drugs to cope, or places to go and hide and not deal with the pain and suffering anymore. Everything was brought out on the surface and it was what you stated when you stated your name it was everything you had to face at every moment right in front of you. There were very limited times where I felt like I had my own space so when we were allowed to go outside I went towards the tree to write and sit alone and collect all of my crazy thoughts at the time. It was the part of fall where the leaves were all gone, just trees with stems basically. I always found beauty in the tree even though it was dead. That sentence is what led me to getting this tattoo of a resemblance of finding the beauty in things. ##WhatsYours #TreeLove #expressyourself #RecoveryTattoos #MotivationalTattoos #BPD #spreadlove

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First tattoo / my secret meaning #Selfharm #Anxiety

I recently just got this tattoo and I wanted to share my meaning with the mental health community. I have only told one person (my boyfriend) what the meaning was but I’ve been keeping it a secret from all of my other family and friends but I think it’s appropriate to share with this community. I got this flower tattoo on my left wrist to signify recovery. When I first started self harming when I was thirteen, it all started on my left wrist. It was 1 of my top 3 go to spots. I got this tattoo to put beauty in where I only saw ugliness and pain and replace it with beautiful flowers. I started it on the left wrist, and that’s where I’ll end it too. That tattoo is the last thing to puncture my body purposely. I’m slowly replacing my pain with beauty, and with whatever you’re going through, I hope you can too.
#Anxiety #Selfharm #Depression #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Tattoo #RecoveryTattoos #Suicide

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A little commemoration to my battle with bpd. #BPD #SexualAbuseSurvivors #RecoveryTattoos

I’ve always used getting tattooed during rough times as another means of self harm, I have numerous all over my skin. This way I still feel the pain but I’m left with a different kind of scar afterwards.

This medusa inspired tattoo is a commemoration to my battle with borderline personality disorder and being a survivor of child abuse.

Medusa is a character of one of the most well known Greek mythology’s, however, society’s view of her in this myth has depicted her as monster. Delving into her background, she was a very beautiful and faithful woman who was a victim of a vicious crime. She was deeply devoted to the Greek goddess Athena, and the requirement of being so devoted to her was she remain a virgin and gives her all to Athena. However, Poseidon, god of the sea, Athena’s arch enemy sought to humiliate Athena and raped Medusa on the steps of Athena’s temple. Medusa vulnerable and weak praying for guidance became Poseidon’s wife, the betrayal Athena felt caused her to curse medusa so no one would want her, sending her to a lonely island, cursing her with snakes for hair, metal wings, madness, stone like skin, chicken legs and eyes that would turn any man to stone if they looked into them. Men were sent to kill her capturing her head for Athena, to which Perseus succeeded. Medusa was now brandished a monster punished for someone else’s actions.

Her story very much resonates with my battle with bpd and it’s something I’m proud to wear and a chapter I’m starting to close after working so hard to move past in therapy.