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I lost my account

I got locked out of my old email so had to make a new account..
A few days without the mighty left me feeling really alone and disconnected, which left me with the realisation that my friends and the mighty community are actually really important to me at this stage in my life..
that this place is in fact the only support network I have in my life atm.

Yes I have a therapist but that is only likely to be short term.
I had to flee my home city so friends and family are all 100's of miles away, so physical support is not a thing in my life right now, with my #Fibromyaliga it can be a struggle!

I'm in the process of reporting ritualistic abuse I lived through as a child, it's not easy especially without a support network.
I'm coping but living in a homeless shelter full of drug addicts, where I have to be alone in my room all the time is an extra pressure that is getting to me!

I'm so glad that I have the mighty!

#PTSD #CPTSD #BipolarDepression #MeToo #coping #Survivor #AbuseSurvivors #reportingabuse


Fibro flare, motivation lost.

I'm fatigued, my joints are swollen, I've had food poisoning, my fibromyalgia is flaring and I'm finding it hard to keep motivated!
I'm trying to rest but every time I go outside the cold bites me and leaves me in agony!

I know I have to keep smiling, self caring and looking after myself as I need to keep stable for the police interviews..
I think that is one thing that hangs over my head coming into the new year..
The main focus of my life atm is giving the clearest interviews I can and putting an end to their free reign to abuse children!

I'm sure the flare is also stress related.
It's a lot to dig out and go through every detail of your childhood trauma, in the caring hands of a therapist let Alone at the hands an assertive and curt police officer.

Having to deal with all this without any of my family or friends in the same county is hard.. it means I've got no one to hangout with or chat with after each interview and after that you really need someone who knows you well to help you decompress!!

I have another interview in a week or two and atm my head is telling me I don't want to deal with/ do Anything in the meantime.. I know this is unhealthy and most likely Not the best use of my time..
But I just don't have much more energy to give to life right now.

my question is prosecuting the people that abused you as a child Enough of a goal??
Is it ok to not put too many expectations on myself at this time?

I also want to start running a writing group.. but I don't have much extra energy, the interview process is the most draining thing I've ever been through!

#PTSD #CPTSD #fibroflare #Fibromyaliga #Survivor #reportingabuse #childhoodabusesurvivor #Depression #Fatigue #Fibrofatigue #MeToo #coping #tired