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    Eating disorder impact on family

    I’m really struggling with my eating disorder and have been for a while now. I also have bpd and my self esteem is rock bottom. I live with my family and have been arguing with them so badly recently. They are worried about me and cannot cope with it and say I aren’t helping myself and need to meet them half way. I just don’t feel like I deserve to or need to eat. I use it as self harm and I feel so alone. No one seems to get that it not as simple as clicking my fingers and I can just manage 3 square meals a day. The meer thought of it is totally overwhelming and I’m at a point where I just don’t want to be here any more but I have to be for the people that care about me. I’m so sick and tired of living this life. I’m trapped. #EatingDisorders #BPD #EUPD emotionally unstable personality disorder #Selfharm #Restriction #hopeless #Depression #Family #alone

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    It's been hard to be awake

    <p>It's been hard to be awake</p>
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    Now that I've finally given myself permission to eat I find I'm no longer hungry. How ironic. There is nothing that appeals to me. When I was restricting I'd be starving. I couldn't go to a grocery store without wanting to eat from the shelves. Now I don't want anything.
    #EatingDisorders #Restriction #AnorexiaNervosa

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    I haven’t really been eating the last few days! Today I had breakfast and that’s all. It’s 9:29pm I ate breakfast at 9am. After thinking long and hard I decided I was going to go make food. As I was getting ready to eat I got an email that threw my emotions out of whack and now I don’t want to eat anymore, how do y’all manage your eating disorders? #Restriction #ED #EatingDisorders #EatingIssues

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