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    Food and Nutrition Friday: Undistracted Eating

    Are you one of the many people who enjoy eating while watching television or movies? Or scrolling through your smartphone or tablet?

    I’m guilty...GULITY GUILTY GUILTY!

    It's how I relax, especially as the mother of three school-age children. Your reasons may be different.

    Unfortunately, any type of viewing diverts our attention away from our eating.

    Previous research has shown that when we're distracted, we eat more. Experts believe that watching TV or using our cellphones while dining can cause us to lose track of what we're consuming and miss indications like feeling full. Eating without thinking can also affect gut-brain communication. In addition, distracted eating also affects how we chew. Not chewing properly can cause a variety of digestive problems, including heartburn, acid reflux, nausea, migraines, and malnutrition.

    Check out these resources including an from Type2Diabetes about the benefits of eating our meals undistracted and three short tips from Food Smart on 3 tips to curb distracted eating.

    Benefits of Undistracted Eating:

    Three Quick Tips to Curb Distracted Eating

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    How or what do you eat when you don’t feel hungry.

    So hello I’m new here I struggle with chrons disease IBS and ulcerative colitis, I’ve been diagnosed since 2012 but still find myself struggling to eat, I go a day or two without eating and when I finally do I feel sick and get super nauseous. #chrons disease #InflammatoryBowelDiseaseIBD #UlcerativeColitis #EatingIssues


    A win after my panics

    I still don't quite know how to navigate or where to post my thoughts sometimes but here I am so here goes.

    I was diagnosed type 2 only to have been misdiagnosed to type 1 or I think I'm insulin resistant. Cue the panic attacks I have. I've been getting better with them but it's still a struggle. Panic attacks make me physically sick. Throw in the fact that my body isn't telling me things like when I'm full until I've over eaten. When I feel I have over eaten I feel nausea, then I feel panic as I feel I'm going to vomit (I've had precious issues with not being able to stop vomiting and its sent me to the hospital, I'm two months free though) so I worry I'm going to go to the hospital then I panic. Where am I going with this? Well normally when I feel this way, especially if I do get sick, I need to medicate myself. Today was a different day but a win. I realized the signs, I took a walk with a coworker, it helped a bit but didn't get through it completely, I don't know how I pulled myself out of it but I did. I didn't get sick and I didn't have to medicate myself. I call this a win. Will things be different next time? Probably. I think I need to portion my meals better to get a handle on this. I'm open to suggestions on how I can get myself through this. Thank you for listening.

    #MentalHealth #Anxiety #PanicAttack #Win #AnxietyMedication #Medication #Diabetes #DiabetesType1 #EatingIssues

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    What does "recovery" look like from disordered eating habits?

    I wrote a new article on the topic of my history of disordered eating habits

    #triggerwarning #BingeEatingDisorder #DisorderedEating #EatingDisorders #MentalHealth #EatingIssues


    Nauseous while eating

    There are times where I simply cannot eat. I try to and then immediately have the urge to throw up but just end up gagging. It doesn’t happen everyday but it comes in waves. It’s not stress related or emotions related though. I try to eat slow but that doesn’t help. I take adhd meds but since it doesn’t happen everyday I’m unsure if that is the issue. Does anyone have any ideas or feel the same? #Undiagnosed #EatingIssues


    Weight Gain with Pristiq and Lamictal.

    Since I began pristiq and lamictal, I have gained around 25 pounds.

    This is highly concerning for me as I’ve been subject to fat shaming and bullying, as well as gossip at the hands of relatives and friends.

    I’ve also found that with my ongoing treatment, it is not easy for me to walk around or partake in physically demanding tasks, I’m mostly on bed rest.

    In this case, I’ve been prescribed metformin, but it has a very drastic diet change that comes with it. Otherwise I find it hard to digest my meals.

    Any suggestions on potential options for me? Are there ways to keep a more healthy focus on my body mass whilst being treated using these medications? Keep in mind that I have deep emotional eating patterns that I’m not yet resolving.


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    Foood :(:

    First meal of the day, aside from a smoothie.
    Its 7pm. Im not doing okay.
    #EatingIssues #Fatigue


    Another episode takes control

    In my counselling session, my therapist said to me “sometimes it’s easier to just let yourself be sad because it takes too much energy in trying to make yourself feel better”. It made me think about how half the time when I’m feeling down that I just let it happen. It’s true, the energy i don’t have from my lack of sleep and lack of eating makes me exhausted from moving from one part of the house to another. My lack of interest for things I normally love is only stronger. I turn my laptop on to complete my work but I never get past the Lock Screen. How can I push myself to do things that need to be done when I can even take care of myself. How can I be happy when all I feel is tiredness and sadness and I can’t find the energy or drive within me to change that. How am I meant to get better when the one good thing in my life can’t help me make changes. #Depression #Anxiety #Insomnia #EatingIssues



    My eating is so screwed up. What the fuck do I do?! #DisorderedEating #EatingIssues


    Join me with some positivity about food?

    *trigger warning, food struggles*

    I’ve never really struggled with food/exercise until recently. I’m trying to change things because antidepressants have brought a lot of weight gain. I’ve been trying to come up with positive and healthy (not critical or obsessive) ways to think about exercise and food. Can you help me think of more?

    1. I get the chance to get stronger.
    2. I get to try new recipes and food.
    3. I get to establish a workout routine so I’m not as lonely at night.
    4. I’m saving money by not eating out as much.
    5. I often feel less depressed and lighter after working out.

    #EatingIssues #BipolarDepression #positivemindset