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I need help #SaveMeFromMe

I don’t know what is going on
I just keep crying and crying and I don’t know why
I need to be saved from myself and I just feeling like hiding away and never coming out and I still have to go to all my classes everyday and it just makes me feel so alone #help #lonely #alone #SaveMe

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I am confused

I an afraid of dying but at the same time can never stop thinking of wanting to die....I just see no escape from this recurring sadness and pain. I belive it will never let me enjoy my life , no matter how much I try. I feel like I am destined to feel like this forever. It has been it's been 8.5yrz and everytime I feel I am completely over feeling comes back in the most self-crippling way ever....and I feel death is the only way out.....but I am also afraid of dying, of the after life specifically , I always have been since i was a lil girl. I keep wondering what if the after life isn't nothingness, what if it's worse than this and how would I escape that then.
Lol, I am sure I sound absolutely crazy!

#BipolarDepression #Depression #SaveMeFromMe

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Drug addiction. AKA, my white, icy cold, Devil

I have lost everything in my life to drugs. It has destroyed my very existence! I lost my 4 children, my wife, my house, my family, my friends, my mum, my job, my savings and my pride because of the cold devil.... so please can someone tell me why I can’t stay sober??? Why can’t I stop? Why do I need it? Why is it my best friend, now my only companion? Rock bottom keeps kicking me in the vagina, really effing hard! But I keep running back to the devil, why? #Drugs #Addiction #AddictionRecovery #Narcotics #bad Habbits #selfdestruction #SaveMeFromMe #Madness #selfshame


Feel more like trash than a treasure

My self esteem seems to go lower and lower by the nanosecond. I’ve tried everything but I just can’t seem to change how I see myself. Help #SaveMeFromMe !