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So I get a message from a man hitting me up. I let him know I'm not interested but he continues to message. No biggie I respond but then I log off. When I log back in, he's blocked me because I didn't respond right away.

He says he's from Madrid, Spain but stationed in Louisiana. Red flag the size of Tennessee right there. If he messages you, he ain't legit. I'd report him but seeing as though he blocked me, I can't.#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Safety #scam #Report

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Fed up, confused, and red flags to watch out for

I have a question.

When a man messages you to scam/play you and you don't follow script, why do they then block you?

Oh and ladies,

four red flags to look for when a man messages you:

1. They ask you for pics (please don't, just don't)
2. They ask for personal info
(had a guy message me asking for my number...really?!?)
3. They ask if you live alone (just downright creepy)
4. One line scammers use like clockwork is that they live in the states but are currently overseas. Don't fall for it.

I share this from experience. I can't count the number of times men have tried to pull this over on me. Smh.

Thankfully this rarely happens on this app but it has happened twice in my experience here, one being just this morning. Remember these red flags no matter what app/platform you are on. Oh yeah and REPORT THEM to protect other women from falling victim to them.

#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Safety #Protect #wisdom #Ladies #women #scam

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I need to post something important...I'm serious this time

I ran into this yesterday. This is NOT a dating site. People are here for legitimate need for support. If you take advantage of that, shame on you. I WILL call you out. Do NOT take advantage of my peeps or I WILL report you. Oh and I am not stupid. If you ask for me to get/move to WhatsApp, you just proved yourself to be a douche. Get a life. You need one. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #scam #liar #injustice

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I've noticed a marked uptick in the number of scammers coming through my DMs. Romance scammers in particular. I'm reporting them to the admins, but I'm not sure there's much they can do. Has anyone else noticed this?

It really chaps me that there are people out there who prey on others, but it bothers me even more when it's done to those in a vulnerable population (e.g., those with chronic physical or mental health issues).

#scam #Scammers #romancescam

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