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Bluh mood

I don't know what is wrong with me, I'm not I depressed neither manic. It's just in between which scares me because the last time it happened I started hearing voices and delusions. #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar1Disorder #Voices

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New medicines - anxiety

Every single time I start a new med my voices go very energetic and excited and tell me it will kill me.

I get so much anxiety from this. I am hyper aware of every not ”normal” feeling in the body. Like my feet are cold. I propably got gangrene. NO, it’s like 10 degrees outside. My window is open. Isn’t there a little tingeling in my throat? Maybe I stop breathing now? No man! Logic. Use logic!

But voices arent logic. They tell you lies. Why do I trust these illogical lies more than my logic?

#Schizophrenia #Anxiety #Medicines #Voices


Presume it one. Presume it the other.

So, like Lyndsay Wagner in the Bionic Woman I have a remarkably attuned sense of hearing that can pick up frequencies that others can’t, catching voices upon the wind even though they are some distance from me. This being so, oh how I am loathed! I wonder why anyone could have the inclination or the time to trip around someone else’s life, picking it apart so meticulously. It’s deeply disturbing to accept the notion, that I have no true sense of privacy because people who are completely alien to me and are hell bent on my downfall have ravaged through it and ripped it to shreds.

Or, my lucid imagination repeatedly sparks into creative overdrive bringing me a most unwelcome manifestation. Of course I’ve know such a thing for most of my life, although nothing as complicated as this - one voice after another with yet more and more still, all engaged in detailed conversation regarding me, all much to the negative I must add. Why my brain would play such torturous trickery upon me is a mystery.

They’re real! They can’t possibly be! No, they are, and the threat is real. Shhh, all you need fear is your own shadow.

I don’t know. I simply don’t know! #schizoaffective #Voices #Hallucinations #Reality

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Help me get the ball rolling for my group Communicating With Voices!

This group is for people that experience hearing voices of any type. Join us to talk about anything. Anything goes and you are NOT alone!


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The voices...#Voices #Hallucinations #PTSD

The voices have been quiet today and I don't know why... do your voices come and go, or are they constant?

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Schizoaffective and feeling things that are not there or smelling things that are not there

What is your experience of feeling things that are not there or smelling things that are not there. It’s been a while since this has happened to me but I’m curious as to what other people’s experiences are? For me it would be voices that said they are under a cloak and touch me and it would scare me so much. Do voices talk to you and touch you too? Another one is a voice said they just teleported from Galveston and smelled like being outside. It’s just very scary and I’m thankful it’s been a while since this has happened but I’m curious if anyone else has had a similar experience?? #schizoaffective #Schizophrenia #MentalHealth #Anxiety #PTSD #BipolarDepression #Depression #Voices


I wish I could disappear #BPD #Schizophrenia #Depression #Voices

I’m hearing the voices again tonight, screaming. So mean and hateful. I’m a disappointment, I’m not a good mom, should just kill myself get it over with, it’s not going to get better, fat, loser, unworthy, failure at everything I try to do, not worth air breathing, slut, whore, bitch, worthless, and more. Over and over. Even though I haven’t dated in 14 yrs I put all my energy into raising my kid and wouldn’t let myself have a life, I was scared. I was in a abusive relationship before. 3 in a row. The 2nd one way over the top. I’m so lonely. Not for just Sex, but someone to hold me. I don’t know how to make friends anymore, none of them would let me have friends and this has been since I was15 yrs old. I just turned 41. I feel so pathetic. I don’t know how to https://function.Everytime I try to develop something it’s like I scare them off by over sharing something that I don’t know what it is. I didn’t plan to be single this long, I didn’t have to be, just scared. To scared to try.


How do energy drinks affect #Psychosis ?

I accidentally drank an energy drink... It's a long story... I feel #disconnected from the real world and from other people and my heads been spinning, it's also exacerbated the #Voices and I've been having visual #Hallucinations too... Should I be concerned?


Fighting The Voices. #MDD , #c -PTSD, #BPD , #Anxiety

#CheckInWithMe Hello Mightiest. I haven't posted, but just sit back and read what others have to share. But right now I am at an impasse, or so it seems. I have comorbid mental illness, Major Depressive Disorder with Psychotic features, Borderline Personality Disorder, C-PTSD, and Anxiety. For years now, I have been struggling with more significant auditory hallucinations and some visual hallucinations. About a year ago I was switched to Seroquel from Trifluperazine, and I put on a massive amount of weight. This devastated me because I have been heavy all my life and I had just lost 110lbs. Not all of it but much of it came back on. My Dr felt that Zyprexa might be a better fit. It did nothing. I asked my Dr for a more weight neutral antipsychotic. They tried me on Loxopine, and all,of a sudden that drug was no longer available. So I went back to Seroquel. Then they tried me on Rexulti. They were confident it would work for me at a higher does. I found out yesterday that my insurance will not cover it. Now I have to titration back up and down, possibly going back on Seroquel. Do any of you out there take antipsychotics that are more weight neutral? I have tried first generation to 3rd generation antopyschotics. Some just don't work, some just put on too much weight. I am on a strict diet and exercise regiment which I am working my butt off at. I just don't know what to do. The roller-coaster of changing medications is just too much. I am looking for any suggestions anyone may have. This is just getting way out of hand. Thanks in advance! #MajorDepressiveDisorder #CPTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #Voices #PsychiatricMedication