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I need to post something important...I'm serious this time

I ran into this yesterday. This is NOT a dating site. People are here for legitimate need for support. If you take advantage of that, shame on you. I WILL call you out. Do NOT take advantage of my peeps or I WILL report you. Oh and I am not stupid. If you ask for me to get/move to WhatsApp, you just proved yourself to be a douche. Get a life. You need one. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #scam #liar #injustice

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Circle of Grief #parentalalienation #Depression #Grief

The sadness and anger and fear just leaks out of me at the slightest trigger. I see my daughter and become elated but saying goodbye slowly sets me back into this quicksand of despair😢😢
I keep being told not to feel, to hold back my tears, reach within myself to find happiness but when you suffer from depression and life has dragged you across the coals of pain which grow hotter with anger every day.... I just don't know if I can #Helpsomeone #MissMyDaughter #injustice #Trauma

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I just don't know what to do!

I'm tired of this:

Good things just don't happen to me! I am that person who discovers an incredible fact, writes a book about it, but the book is almost invisible on Amazon. Here comes someone, reads the book, copies most of the story, and it becomes a top-selling book. It's been like this in my life for exactly 30 years! #injustice #BadLuck #Depression #thebadplace #hell



trigger warning: sexual violence, sexism, injustice

i want to die. i really just want to die. i’m sick and tired of hearing so many hateful stories of oppression, injustice, sexual violence and murder every single day...... i’m sick and tired of experiencing so many injustices myself as a woman.... the world in general sucks but my country specifically is so deeply patriarchal and corrupt that it really feels like there is absolutely no hope and no safety......

why was I born? why was I born as a woman? why is there so much suffering? does God condone this suffering? if not, why does it exist? is there any hope for this world? how many women are going to suffer at the hands of men before anything changes? why are the absolute WORST people the ones who get to be in positions of power? is there no hope for the oppressed in this world?

#injustice #Suicide #hopelessness #Anxiety #Depression #PTSD #oppression


My friend has cancer and has been out of work for a few years because of mental diagnosis, and Social Security have not done anything. What now?!!

I am so worried for my friend. No one should ever have to dream of moving “somewhere else” just so that they can just live and receive basic health care. He feels so hopeless, and is without proper care. PLEASE, what options are there?? Surely he can’t be cast aside as if it is no ones problem?? #Cancer #Disability #SchizophreniformDisorder #Bipolar1 #HealthCare #Insurance #injustice #help #CheckInWithMe


Tired of fighting #unfairness #ChronicPain #injustice

I was in receipt of PIP daily living component enhanced rate for 4 years due to my mental health, I went to a face to face assesment in march and it was taken away from me. The reasons given were ridiculous, I was clean, dressed appropriately, gave eye contact and spoke clearly to name a few. The lady that conducted the interview completely disregarded everything I told her, for example I had to have my mother drive me, she stayed in the car because there was no parking near to the assessment center and I have fibromyalgia so getting around is difficult due to the amount of pain I'm in. But she put down I attended alone. My psychiatrist even spoke with the first assessor in 2014 clearly stating my diagnosis and the impact it has on me. I appealed twice and was scored 0 irrespective of the letter sent with my appeal detailing how much my partner has to do just to get me taking my medication and bathing daily. So now I am awaiting a tribunal. I was only recently formally diagnosed with fibromyalgia so I put in a new claim but i have been told that I can either wait for the tribunal and hope to get my pip reinstated and back pay which will take another 31 weeks to receive a date or I can go ahead with my new claim and lose the money in backpay. However when I spoke with my local MP he said that the information my assessor told me was untrue and gave me the correct information in detail, I can forward that to you if you need it. At my recent assesment I had to park on double yellow lines and hope I didn't get a ticket because of my pain and even with the aid of a walking stick I find walking difficult not to mention the anxiety I was experiencing at the prospect of another bad assessor I just couldn't face walking through crowds of people in town to get to the assessment center. I suffer agonizing physical pain all day every day and stress only makes my health and pain worse and this has had me pretty much bed bound 70% of the time since May of this year. I've had to stop working and am trying to live off my joint universal credit and my partner's disability money. I am in rent arrears, I'm not in adequate housing and my partner has had to stop working to care for me but can't get carers allowance because I'm being refused PIP. Also when I was at the assessment and mentioned about having to park on double yellow lines, the assessor asked if I had a blue badge to which I said I didn't. He told me that I could get a blue badge without receiving PIP and when I checked at home I found he had given me false information. I feel so let down by a system that is supposed to be there to help people with disabilities and not penalize them for having a rare OK day! My assessment for my recent claim was diabolical! I was made to feel inferior and he was rude and clearly didn't want to be there, his hands were limp when asking me to show my ability to resist with my hands and legs and then put in his report that I didn't participate!