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So I get a message from a man hitting me up. I let him know I'm not interested but he continues to message. No biggie I respond but then I log off. When I log back in, he's blocked me because I didn't respond right away.

He says he's from Madrid, Spain but stationed in Louisiana. Red flag the size of Tennessee right there. If he messages you, he ain't legit. I'd report him but seeing as though he blocked me, I can't.#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Safety #scam #Report

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It is beyond rediculous the amount of scammers I have gotten messaged by the last two days. This has got to stop. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Safety

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Fed up, confused, and red flags to watch out for

I have a question.

When a man messages you to scam/play you and you don't follow script, why do they then block you?

Oh and ladies,

four red flags to look for when a man messages you:

1. They ask you for pics (please don't, just don't)
2. They ask for personal info
(had a guy message me asking for my number...really?!?)
3. They ask if you live alone (just downright creepy)
4. One line scammers use like clockwork is that they live in the states but are currently overseas. Don't fall for it.

I share this from experience. I can't count the number of times men have tried to pull this over on me. Smh.

Thankfully this rarely happens on this app but it has happened twice in my experience here, one being just this morning. Remember these red flags no matter what app/platform you are on. Oh yeah and REPORT THEM to protect other women from falling victim to them.

#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Safety #Protect #wisdom #Ladies #women #scam

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Today is TimeToTalk day. It is a mental health awareness day. With all of the police shootings lately, I’m grateful for the Alachua County coresponders. I have schizoaffective and PTSD. I have been in many police encounters, that could’ve turned badly. I was introduced to the Coresponder’s when I moved up here two years ago. The Coresponder’s are a police team of a police officer, and a social worker. They’re teamed up and drive together on high risk emergency calls of clients who have had frequent Baker Acts. This police team not only handles emergency calls, but also builds a rapport with the client in need to create a trust that enables safer and fewer future interactions. The co-responders also try to help the client get the services that they need. For example, my team of Co-Responders, Deputy Dan and Nicole, introduced me to the Gainesville Opportunity Center (GOC) where I have become an active member. The GOC is s mental health clubhouse where the members and staff work together to do the jobs necessary to run the clubhouse. I have found meaning and belonging as a clubhouse member, which has resulted in me not having returned to inpatient hospitalization since joining the GOC. New opportunities have been presenting themselves in my life since moving to Alachua county and being afforded services I didn’t have before, thanks to the advanced system this county has to help people. I am in the process of training a service dog as well. My life has improved tremendously and I am very grateful to live in this progressive county. #TimeToTalk #mentallyillandpolice #Safety #resources #gratituide

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It's ok to be ok

Sometimes with trauma we tend to default to a state where not feeling ok feels normal. Our hyper vigilance and sense of impending danger help us feel safe. Letting go of that fear that something bad is going to happen or that the world around us is not ok is a hard default setting to pull away from.

That's why I loved this article:

Healing From Trauma: It's OK to Be OK

Slowly easing into the idea that we don't have to be in crisis is really challenging. It feels almost like giving up some kind of security blanket. But in reality, it IS ok to be ok.

Is this something you can relate to? If so, please share your thoughts below.

#PTSD #Trauma #CPTSD #ok #Safety #Abuse #Healing

Healing From Trauma: It's OK to Be OK

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Are you sensitive to your environment?

Individuals with PTSD are often highly sensitive to their environments. They notice every little detail, scanning for safety cues or potential danger. When a sense of security is achieved in an environment, like the therapy room, any changes to that environment can create an immediate sense of discomfort.

Dear Therapists, a Reminder That the Physical Setting of The...

Are you sensitive to your environment? If so, how do you react to change and does it influence your feelings of safety?

#Trauma #PTSD #CPTSD #Therapy #Environment #change #Hypervigilance #Safety

Dear Therapists, a Reminder That the Physical Setting of Therapy Really Matters

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Floods, storms and rivers #Selfcare #Safety #Anxiety

This weekend we had the river burst it’s banks in a 100 year flood. Heavy rainfall in the mountains raised the river level to over 5 meters above normal.

My house is ok but 2 minutes walk there is logs sticking out of houses, mud and debris everywhere. Major slips have eroded the hills and blocked roads. Will be years of cleaning up for our town.

We’ve talked about climate change for years and this is a reminder to have a plan in place if it happens in your area. We are seeing a pattern around the globe of extreme seasons.

I’ve got my insurance updated and cleared the gutters. Some have lost their homes and still have to pay the mortgage because they were in insured.

Storms in life come and go. How can we plan for those? I used to think life was one bad event after another, but my thinking was wrong.

I’ve learnt that looking after myself better, slowing down and making better decisions helps reduce the stressful situations from happening, and when they appear I’m ready to navigate them.

Anyway that’s my thought of the week. I hope this helps someone today.


How Presentation Affects Representation - #DwhellOnIt Ep. 56

📺 -

🗣 - "Taylor Lakhryst was an undecided voter who participated in a #CBC program called Face to Face during last year's federal election campaign. While being on the show gave her a chance to ask questions of a party leader, she felt CBC's production choices spoiled the experience by making her appear inept and powerless."

❓ - What's #DwhellOnIt ?

👀 - Dwhell On It is a series where I answer your questions about my lived experience as a #trans woman!

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"While you expressed #Gratitude for the #Opportunity to provide visibility on the subject of abuse toward the 2SLBGTQIA+ #Community , you felt that #CBC made choices which diluted your appearance. It left you feeling, if not misrepresented, then underrepresented."

It feels as if #CBC chose to represent me as what I interpret as inept, powerless, and stuck with candy-coated concerns because who I am isn't palatable enough for Canadians who can't cope that #people such as myself strive to inspire and create #change .

#social platforms highlighted my segment as being of the utmost importance on an issue that had not been placed front and centre in the campaign until my appearance.

I continued to focus much of my argument on the treatment of my introductory video. I emphasized how problematic it was that this video highlighted "my love for #Sports and karaoke" while omitting more substantive #Comments about the importance of placing responsibility for bigotry and hate-based abuse on the abusers rather than the victims.

"I'm an undecided voter because" and "Let's be #leaders …" were extracted from two completely different sections of what I provided. #CBC created that line and not me, and I'm not sure if that is conducive to "accuracy."

"You stated that you followed all the directives given to you in advance by producers, yet you were the only one of the four participants given less than 40 seconds of airtime."

"You also reiterated that #CBC exercised poor judgment when it failed to include your exchange about pronouns with #ErinOToole .”

#CBC watered me down and presented me with the safest, most palatable and most comfortable image they could build based on the information I provided.

"Your complaint is, first and foremost, a reminder that the stories journalists tell are not really "theirs." They are the stories of real #people with real lives, ambitions, and concerns."

Journalistic Standards and Practices covers much ground regarding ethical #Journalism but doesn't cover specific circumstances.

"There is more debate to be had about editing your introductory video … it's clear that those producers took two risks with your video."

"On your frustration that the #question you asked on the show was "negotiated," … I worried it meant that programmers were forcing you to ask the questions that they wanted."

🔗 - Links!

How Presentation Affects Representation -

Your Friends Appreciate a Random Check-In Call or Text More Than You Realize - Your Friends Appreciate a Random Check-In More Than You Realize

What four undecided voters asked #ErinOToole | Face to Face 2021 -

#Media and #Journalism are transphobic. I was on #CBC News: The National Face to Face -

#Canada Voted In Favour of Policing Women's Bodies! -

Is there anything that #people expect you to be good at but are very bad at? -

#CBC News: The National | #ErinOToole , Alberta's deadly COVID-19 surge, TIFF returns -

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📣 - End anti-2SLGBTQIA+ abuse! -

📣 - You can #help ! Everything inspiring HireWheller stays ongoing - biased systems, ignorant platforms, violent abusers & isolated victims.

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@HireWheller: A grassroots group to #help the 2SLGBTQIA+ #Community overcome often-minimized struggles.



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Your Friends Appreciate a Random Check-In More Than You Realize

A new study found that people appreciate unexpected check-ins, such as phone calls and text messages, more than most anticipate. Learn more about the research findings and get inspired to reach out to friends you may have lost touch with.

What is the connection between mental illnesses and violence?

Not enough articles examine mental illness and gun violence in the United States. What is the connection between mental illnesses and gun violence? In recent months, the United States has experienced a rise in gun violence. The current surge in violence is highly concerning and the reason highly contested. Regardless, the connection between gun violence and mental illness is misunderstood.

Even more troubling is the stigma around patients exhibiting homicidal ideation (HI) and suicidal ideation (SI) in the public mental health system. No one can say SI is without its privileged status in the HI/SI binary. Homicidal ideation is more of a public safety issue and is, therefore, is sometimes the object of clinicians weaponizing safety concerns. Call centers, warm-lines, and hotlines are all geared to target SI. When someone is suicidal, it is considered a mental health issue that needs urgent and careful clinical attention. However, people presenting as homicidal or dangerous to others are considered a substantial public safety issue requiring police intervention.

Are the sick or mentally ill more likely to kill people? Not at all. However, suppose mentally unwell people are not given the right outlets and resources like hotlines and walk-ins without a clinician calling 911. In that case, people with mental health disorders will continue to hurt unnecessarily. There needs to be a helpful and stigma-free treatment for people suffering from homicidal ideation.

Consider the loose nature of established and commonly agreed-upon definitions, especially within the mental health discourse. The terms "disorder," "illness," and "diagnosis" are sometimes used interchangeably despite having different meanings and applications. Even the word "mental health," the most generic and monolithic of all terms in the discipline, is commonly confused and rarely talked about in a way where everyone is on the same page. Therefore, let us move past a post-modern take on the issue.

First, let us probe into recent gun violence in the US. Mentally ill people can be violent and use weapons as a direct or indirect result of a heightened or mistreated condition. Untreated symptoms can make people or anyone (mentally ill or just resource-deprived) more dangerous, unpredictable, and desperate. The violence can manifest inward.

Mentally ill people can be destructive or exhibit harmful behaviors toward themselves because their condition and symptoms are misdiagnosed or mismanaged concerning their mental health treatment. Mentally healthy people can also be dangerous and hurt people, such as on a political level concerning the military-industrial complex. Wars, mutually agreed upon violence, and permissible killing present a massive hiccup in the debate.

People aren't mentally ill when committing violent crimes like murder or assault. However, these people continue to make up many people committing violent crimes. Let's face it. People will kill anywhere and in any condition, for almost any reason, whether they are sick or healthy.

Sadly, the more we crosswalk and compare, the more it seems that people are built to kill, hurt, and harm others with guns or other violent means. Why am I suggesting this? Because only truly engrained harmful actions can carry out human instincts and behaviors proficiently at any level of human cognition, health status, sex, gender, age, religion, and the intersection of humanity.

Humans kill people for a variety of reasons. Humanity can and is dangerous at times, either because a person is sick mentally or someone hell-bent is claiming life and harming others. The issue is how to assess which reason, why, and to what degree is lethality or suicidality? For tragedies such as the school shooting in Texas or any other school shooting, clinicians need to read the red flags a little closer or at least not miss them altogether.

Let's explore a few caveats. Using myself as a case example, I have done many unfathomable things while struggling with mental health issues. I still cannot express regret for many of the behaviors I feel were wrong. Since my diagnosis, I have also done fantastic, beautiful acts in my lifetime and would never want to forget these memories.

The light outshines the darkness every time my freedom is involved. People with mental health issues can never give up the right to fail. Some societies grant people with mental illness this privilege. Other cultures, states, and countries place limits on weapons and the movement and freedom of people with mental health conditions. Suppose we continue allowing guns to circulate in the market. In that case, there will need to be more guidance from the current regulations and laws that guide psychotherapy and treating people with mental health disorders in the US.

In New York, as in many other states in the US, unless you are mandated or in a forced treatment program, you can fail out of society and be admitted to a psychiatric hospital for rehabilitation. Commonly called assisted outpatient treatment (AOT), people labeled violently and persistently mentally ill cycle back into the system. The pattern should go from being a patient in the hospital to independent living. However, sometimes lives and mental conditions take their turn.

Some states operate differently and offer people fewer freedoms. Some states provide more privileges but less supportive services. The endorsement of the right to fail must be a national human right for public mental health care recipients. Mental health regulatory bodies profess dignity, hope, and recovery for the modern mission of the New York Office of Mental Health and other states.

The sickest irony (no pun intended) is when people pay attention to the history of our mental health system. The all-important pendulum or risk continuum is called "dignity in risk" or "risk of harm." By basic definition, the dignity of risk is the right to take chances when engaging in life exploration experiences and the right to fail in these activities or life without harming oneself or someone else.

For many Americans, the risk of harm is an impending threat. People with mental illnesses are not trusted. Their judgment and insight may be impaired, and the public risks substantial physical injuries to themselves or others. Healthy people aren't always trustworthy and could put the public in harm's way just as much as their mentally ill counterparts. And so, the debate still rages on in 2022.

The truth is, publicly, since deinstitutionalization, society isn't sure about the future of people living with diagnosed mental health conditions in the community. Unfortunately, the current mental health treatment plans don't know the answers to essential questions and continue to be off the mark when predicting outcomes. Clinicians will need to do more to assess and predict public safety outcomes.

Do professionals ever really know what other people can do? Clinicians assess for safety concerns and look at the complete clinical picture of a person before releasing their patients into the community. I think clinicians must begin to be more tuned into the degree of harm and predict the threat level. For example, clinicians may think someone is at risk of suicide but fail to indicate a more significant, severe threat to themselves or the public.

Then, clinicians will need to be more trained in de-escalation and crisis intervention. Without knowing how bad it can get, it is challenging to get a read on what could happen if there is a sudden loss or drop in impulse control and what that might mean for someone who is actively homicidal or suicidal.

Indeed, lethality is scaled. Concerning HI, SI, and the potential risk of harm, clinicians sometimes forget that these considerations are less static and exist as an abstraction and continuum.

So, are all things considered? And is this enough? Everyone makes their own decisions moving forward.

#guns #MentalHealth #Safety

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IF US Supreme Court Overturns Roe, The US Is IN Violation of International Charter on Human Rights

In 2018, the United Nations Human Rights council clarified that the obligation of the International Declaration of Human Rights includes the right to access to abortion services. In fact even further guidance suggests that not doing so is a violation of various treaties that have been signed internationally that are legally binding. Treaties regarding women's rights and equality all explicitly and inherently include this fundamental right in the very nature of their existence and all signatories (of which the United States is one on many of such international treaties) are legally bound to this obligation.

Further guidance released by the United Nations states "Human rights bodies have provided clear guidance on the need to decriminalize abortion. Ensuring access to these services in accordance with human rights standards is part of State obligations to eliminate discrimination against women and to ensure women’s right to health as well as other fundamental human rights."

In addition, General comment No. 36 (2018) on article 6 of the

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, on the

right to life states in section 8 that "Although States parties may adopt measures designed to regulate voluntary

terminations of pregnancy, such measures must not result in violation of the right to life of a pregnant woman or girl, or her other rights under the Covenant. Thus, restrictions on the

ability of women or girls to seek abortion must not, inter alia, jeopardize their lives, subject them to physical or mental pain or suffering which violates article 7, discriminate against

them or arbitrarily interfere with their privacy. States parties must provide safe, legal and effective access to abortion where the life and health of the pregnant woman or girl is at

risk, and where carrying a pregnancy to term would cause the pregnant woman or girl substantial pain or suffering, most notably where the pregnancy is the result of rape or

incest or is not viable. [8] In addition, States parties may not regulate pregnancy or abortion in all other cases in a manner that runs contrary to their duty to ensure that women and girls

do not have to undertake unsafe abortions, and they should revise their abortion laws accordingly. [9] For example, they should not take measures such as criminalizing pregnancies by unmarried women or apply criminal sanctions against women and girls undergoing abortion [10] or against medical service providers assisting them in doing so, since taking such measures compel women and girls to resort to unsafe abortion. States parties should not introduce new barriers and should remove existing barriers [11] that deny effective access by women and girls to safe and legal abortion [12], including barriers caused as a result of the exercise of conscientious objection by individual medical

providers. [13] States parties should also effectively protect the lives of women and girls against the mental and physical health risks associated with unsafe abortions. In particular,

they should ensure access for women and men, and, especially, girls and boys, [14] to quality and evidence-based information and education about sexual and reproductive health [15] and to a wide range of affordable contraceptive methods, [16] and prevent the stigmatization of women and girls seeking abortion.[17] States parties should ensure the

availability of, and effective access to, quality prenatal and post-abortion health care for women and girls, [18] in all circumstances, and on a confidential basis. [19]"

Unrestricted access to abortion is a human right and the moment the court finalizes this, they become internationally illegitimate criminals.

#Abortion #WomensHealth #humanrights #HealthCare #Law #Legal #UnitedNations #Sexuality #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #LGBTQ #Safety #Prochoice #freedom #rights #DisabilityRights #equality #SupremeCourt #Illegitimate #InternationalHealth #who #unitedstates #Us #Discrimination