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    The Invisible Girl

    If she casts her words out, and nobody hears them, do her words still exist?

    The invisible girl.

    If she speaks up and is heard, but her words are minimized or rejected?

    Is she still the invisible girl?

    If her beauty or the love she holds within is gorgeous beyond measure, but by mans standards she is no 10,

    Is she again, the invisible girl?

    If she speaks up for herself, but is deemed unworthy?

    Is she still the invisible girl?

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    Making Presentations, Convincing Goldfish & Ending Controversy!

    Making Presentations, Convincing Goldfish & Ending Controversy! - #DwhellOnIt Episode 65

    📺 - tinyurl.com/pm9phwyx

    🗣 - "I can't be optimistic that we're going to solve it all when it comes to #trans #individuals . The conversation, and the controversy, all come from the same place. It comes from the same people, the same reasons and gets promoted by the same behaviours. It's all identical. If we can solve racism, we can solve transphobia, so I'm doing what I can. I'm not optimistic, but if I don't do anything about it, I don't have any right to complain about it happening either."

    ❓ - What's #DwhellOnIt ?

    👀 - Dwhell On It is a series where I answer your questions about my lived experience as a #trans woman!

    📺 - Follow the playlist! - tinyurl.com/nzbr8k27

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    * What would it be if you had to do an impromptu presentation about a #trans -based topic?

    * How often do you experience transphobia, and how does that make you feel?

    * Is there anything that changes about you between your public and private life?

    * What is one thing you wish you could convince everyone to understand?

    * Do you think the controversy about #trans people will end during your lifetime?

    🔗 - Links!

    * #Canada Voted in Favour of Policing #women 's Bodies! - tinyurl.com/4exsn3kx

    * Does Sport Manitoba Fund Non-Inclusive PSOs? - tinyurl.com/yz6neakc

    * City of Winnipeg: Self-Declaration and Employment Equity - tinyurl.com/yckp2xjm

    * #Transgender Awareness Week - "Progress takes time, but it should not end with us going back in time." - tinyurl.com/mvujbsup

    * City of Winnipeg City Council Approves to Prefer #Kindness - tinyurl.com/4nf8w4jf

    * Mayoral candidate blames Indigenous men for violence against Indigenous #women . - tinyurl.com/4b73c6v4

    * Expectations, Responsibilities and Talking to Goldfish - tinyurl.com/mr3msk4w

    * How Presentation Affects Representation - tinyurl.com/6cyw8k39

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    @TaylorLakhryst: #Transgender woman, advocate, INFJ, ♊️, she/her/hers 🏳️‍⚧️

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    👀 - Fight Against Hate!

    📣 - End anti-2SLGBTQIA+ abuse! - tinyurl.com/2p98f8hc

    📣 - Biased systems, ignorant platforms, violent abusers and isolated victims stay ongoing.

    📣 - Grassroots power comes from its people! Get involved or refer others you know to challenge systemic violence and oppression!

    💻 - You Can Help!

    @HireWheller: A grassroots group to help the 2SLGBTQIA+ community overcome often-minimized struggles.

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    People here for the wrong reasons

    So, I have had a ton of men trying to talk to me through this app. Do al the ladies here have that issue? It is annoying. #Annoyedbypeople #women #supportoneanother


    Does anyone have pmdd How do u cope - because im not

    #PMDD #Depression #Anxiety #women


    Role of Culture, and Parenting, on Gender Norms

    When it comes to women empowerment, we need to explore the psychological underpinnings of cultural influences, parenting, and the development of gender norms.

    Parents, particularly in the South Asian culture, tend to restrict their girls’ opinions and silence their voices, in the name of “niceness”, “respect”, and “obedience”, fearing societal shame, and attempting to uphold an unrealistic image of perfection, especially when it comes to the family unit.

    From a young age, girls are not allowed to freely be themselves. They’re discouraged from expressing their thoughts and emotions. Any questioning or critical thought is silenced. After years of feeling restricted and not accepted for who they are, girls often feel anger and rebel against their parents, their upbringing, and their culture, acting out in aggressive or passive aggressive ways - which is saddening because parents are usually coming from a place of love and want the best for their children.

    However, this kind of restrictive or authoritarian parenting style can cause girls to grow up with a sense that it’s not okay to be themselves or to have a voice. It can take years of therapy and healing to recover from this.

    So, I teach parents to challenge unhealthy cultural and gender norms, encourage their girls to think freely, engage in critical thought, speak their minds openly, and voice their opinions at home by creating a safe space for them, talking to them, and consistently checking in with them about their lives, school, friends, thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

    When girls learn their opinions and voices are accepted and valued at home, they’ll go out in the world and freely do the same. Moreover, they’ll teach their daughters, and granddaughters, this creating lasting change that will hopefully sustain a new chapter of empowered women.

    -Faiza Haroon, MACP, RP (Qualifying)

    #women #womenempowerment #southasian #culture #MentalHealth #Parenting


    Why do women blaming their selves alot ?

    If he wants to stay so there's no creatures in world that will take him away from you but if he wants to leave you know that you won't make him in the cage.
    #unhealthyrelationships #Loneliness #VirtualReality #Quotes #Love #women #Men


    another woman

    Why do only men talk about other women, having another wife, not satisfied with the current wife, or having fantasies, needing better or needing more. With growing old making their wives feel like old women and like they are doing favor by keeping older women? Everything is not always said, some acts, gestures and comments make it visible.
    Why don't they realize or ask what wives want.. I know all the men are not like that but most of them are. I see and listen to so many unhappy and hurt wives. Can this be a reason of depression..? Can just one person's negligence make another person sick? #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #breathlessness #Depression #women #lackofconfidence