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Book Bans

Yes! This cartoon came from the Instagram site of Viola Davis♥️It’s pertainient to what’s going on in our society today. I like the way it’s stated, and so I decided to share it in #TheMighty #Book #Bookbans #Abuse #Children #Pre -teens #teens #ChildAbuse #Protect #EDUCATE #PTSD

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Fed up, confused, and red flags to watch out for

I have a question.

When a man messages you to scam/play you and you don't follow script, why do they then block you?

Oh and ladies,

four red flags to look for when a man messages you:

1. They ask you for pics (please don't, just don't)
2. They ask for personal info
(had a guy message me asking for my number...really?!?)
3. They ask if you live alone (just downright creepy)
4. One line scammers use like clockwork is that they live in the states but are currently overseas. Don't fall for it.

I share this from experience. I can't count the number of times men have tried to pull this over on me. Smh.

Thankfully this rarely happens on this app but it has happened twice in my experience here, one being just this morning. Remember these red flags no matter what app/platform you are on. Oh yeah and REPORT THEM to protect other women from falling victim to them.

#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Safety #Protect #wisdom #Ladies #women #scam

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To care and protect #Protect #WeCare

This photo is for Sally (@sals7) and everyone else who needs it...

Even the tiniest mushrooms can be protected. And in protection cared for.
So certainly you are protected from afar dear Sally. We can't be beside you, but we are here at The Mighty.

For the next 5 days I'll be here only for a short time every day, because I'll be in a cabin without wifi. But I will think of you all and especially of the brave woman who often make me smile.
You go Sally...


My Sister Is My Anchor #Love #Protect #Family

Sometimes, when I'm feeling like I have no one to talk to (when I'm unable to contact anyone), I remember my sister is experiencing the same abuse and I latch onto my love for her instead of my depression and suicidal thoughts.

Our parents aren't the worst, but they aren't the best either and lately, last five years, I'm beginning to lose the love and respect that I once had for them.

As the oldest, I'm burdened with so much responsibilty and it stresses me out.

My sister is also stressed because of our parents and it hurts to see her in pain.

I resent my parents for being unable to acknowledge our feelings and for treating us like we aren't living beings.

I can't make them change, and I can't change how I feel towards them, but I don't want to feel as if I owe them just because they're my parents.

I know some of you are experiencing abuse at home, and I understand how hard it is to escape, but you have to try.

Try for yourself, don't let them hurt you anymore.


a fellow person.


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#Protect and serve!

#There’s two types of people in the world leaders 😇 and followers😒 which one are you?
Choose to be a leader🌈💕 take charge of your health and life💝