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Behind the Smile hides a Sea of Secrets

#imagine your #Life as a #different person. Imagine that you do not have a #MentalHealth condition that affects your everyday life. Think about it. Would you really be #happier by being Not You? I do not think so.

#everybody has #Problems , this is a phrase we hear a lot. It seems to minimize your own issues and make it seem as though someone else's means more #severe than your own concerns.

We are #luckier than most but not as lucky as some. That's another phrase an ex boyfriend once told me. I believe it. I may be #struggling to make #sense of things, but it will not make me #stop #Trying to do the right thing.

What are your #Thoughts ?

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Do your #Pets #sense when you're in #Pain ?

I came home from work today in quite a lot of pain and my cat wouldn't stop following me. When I sat down to relax, she was eager to get on me and she sat on my chest/tummy area and purred like crazy and looked right at me with calm eyes. She doesn't normally sit so close to my face either. I definitely got the feeling she knew I was in pain.