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5 months post breakup

Been doing No-contact for over 2 months now and I have a lot of days where I'm okay, and then I'm down. My thoughts have gone from being about missing him to now just imagining scenarios. I don't want him back. It's not him I miss, but the connection and the relationship stuff. I know what I'm worth and what I deserve, but I just wish I could stop thinking about him. He's never reached out since the NC started and I can't help but think that's he fine and that he doesn't care anymore. The relationship wasn't going to last long term but 21 months is a long time and the fact that he was able to let me go so easy is heartbreaking. He likely was able to detach because he's a fearful avoidant and lost interest way before the breakup. I'm glad I don't miss who he is and that I can last without talking to him. Wish I knew when it would get even better and when he won't be on my mind all the time. #Breakups #Singlelife #anxious -preoccupied #fearfulavoidant #Ex

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Recognize the signs #Singlelife #DomesticAbuseSurvivors #adultingsucks

Meant this new guy and I think he's really sweet, only problem is he reminds me of my ex. My family thinks I should just cut bait, but part of me wants to give him a chance to


Not Looking For Love

I know people will think I am crazy, but at this time in my life I'm not looking for a partner. I like being single. #Singlelife

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It’s funny when you dump your boyfriend

30 minutes before he has a chance to dump you and he still won’t take responsibility for his baggage, the fact he wouldn’t work on the relationship and that he stonewalled, played the silent game and basically turned into the emotionally abusive center of my first abuser. And that I saw this happening and I knew it was happening and I should have ended it sooner.
It was important I ENDED it and not him but I’m sad at myself for not stopping it right when it started.
#EmotionalAbuse #Dating #Singlelife #DomesticAbuse #ownedmyissues #notcarryinghisbaggage



I need to be single.

I need to be single because I lost touch with things I love about myself. I need to be ok with certain parts of myself. I need to fall for myself again like I did all those years ago. And I know it will happen . I rush too fast into relationships and hold on for dear life. I shouldn’t have to hold on so tight. I shouldn’t settle for the first thing that digs its claws into me. I need to be ok with being lonely again. I need to heal from change. and these things take time. So I need to be single. I won’t waste another tear on someone who doesn’t deserve me. #Selflove #Selfworth #Singlelife