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I’m living with this great anger and deep sadness. It feels like I’ve lost a part of who I am and now I need to play a part. I can no longer talk to my parents about any of this because I get shut down immediately.

I wish I wasn’t an overachiever at work, proving to those I’m qualified and to see me. I wish I’d just been mediocre. I would be lying if I didn’t say I enjoy the perks of being full time however how it was done and the loses it’s caused have haunted me since no matter what I do. My head is spinning, I don’t know what is right or wrong anymore just the anger, pain and sadness.

#sad #sadnesss #Anxiety #On #On #Depression #angry #inpain #Pain #help #soalone


I want to share my life #soalone #friendseeker #chatwithme

How can I meet people and find friendly conversation if I can't get the courage to leave the house?

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Why am I always doing everything wrong?😭

No matter what I do I’m wrong I don’t do anything right I never say the right things I can’t even do depression right it feels according to my husband. I am so lost and feel so invisible and alone and empty at this point he says I don’t do anything to help myself or make things better I really am trying I just want to give up cause I feel so defeated 😭
#dyinginside #soalone

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Severely depressed in Ohio

I lost my mom a year ago,and,we were so close. She was my best friend,my whole world. I've been severely depressed for almost two weeks now,not eating and sleeping very little,staying in bed and crying. I can barely function. I also have chronic pain,so,all of this is making it worse. I have nobody. I just want to be with my momma,I miss her so much.
#CheckInWithMe #Depression #Anxiety #ChronicPain #Neuropathy #soalone
#justwanttobewithmymomma #Heartbroken


Feeling like an awful person #Bipolar2

I’ve asked my flatmate to move out because we’re totally incompatible and he’s really bringing me down. But not he’s making me feel even worse by making me feel guilty with his sob story. It’s really messing with me. It’s my flat. I should be allowed to be in control of who I love with right? ##feelingconflicted #soalone