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Misunderstandings on Social Media

I’m getting really sick of most social media realms.

One of my friends posted: “You don’t have to run far or fast to stay fit.” With a meme on the benefits of running. This woman is always trying to purport this sport as something people should do.

I stated my opinion that I feel the sport isn’t for everyone, it’s not for me because of my ACL’s (one repaired) and my arthritis. She commented with articles on how running builds strong bones and connective tissue. I said that I was glad the sport was for her, but it’s not for me. She IM’d me, all butt hurt that I attacked her on her own page. That wasn’t my intent, at all.

I apologized. People just frequently misconstrued written words. Maybe, I’m just in a lot of mental anguish for bullshit I’ve been through lately?

I don’t know. I’m tired of stepping on eggshells with people. My feelings are also valid but I know I shouldn’t comment on anything, really. Only positive and agreeing comments are accepted, even at that, it’s usually about oneself.

“Be yourself; everyone else is taken.”

With me regarding the acquaintance it’s like this joke: “I saw people jogging past my window today, and it motivated me to get up and close the blinds!”

#SocialMedia blows #PTSD #Sadness #BeYourself -but mostly I just feel #SOCIALLYAWKWARD sometimes, Maybe I should just fade away..

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ALL MY SOCIALLY AWKWARD PEEPS RAISE YOUR HANDS 🙋🏻‍♀️I make an art out of making a fool of myself. I blow things wayyyy out of proportion. I think I am just gonna take up residence in the nearest hole I can find. If you need me, I'll be in there. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #SOCIALLYAWKWARD

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Laughing story horrifies ar party #Bipolar #Dysfunction

#BipolarDisorder New and not sure how to post. Does anyone else find they tell a wildly inappropriate sad story...thinking it's funny.....and everyone else listen is like wtf? I was at an online cocktail party. Told a story about my cousin who tried to rescue some snapping turtles from my redneck neighbor who was going to make.turtle soup (very poor no turtle soup no eating for them) and my cousin almost got bite. He was still upset about the turtles fate. Now in my family everyone laughs and laughs... I told the story and everyone was silent. Horror. I know my family is dysfunctional but stuff like us laughing at someone's is shocking when you think about it. And I hadn't told that story in forever so the reaction shocked me. I still don't know how to talk about my odd family or past without hitting on something was too personal. Feeling a little sad now about trying to join in by talking about my past to new people. I never know what is a sad story because I don't know what I wish I had a baseline to determine normal. On the place side the new aquantince turning to friend was amazing and kind and helped smooth things over...we had a laugh at neurotypicals later on.

Sorry. Hope that makes sense. I just wish I didn't always spill how screwed past is by talking about any of it. Making friends is harder....the friends I do make are true friends typically if they can survive turtle soup stories.

Do any of you find this happens to you too? ##sad #SOCIALLYAWKWARD


Life After Quarantine...

I’ve been in quarantine for a month now. I’m honestly not sure what my feelings are about the situation. All I know is what my feelings are about getting out of quarantine… I am so worried that when this is all over, I’ll have forgotten how to talk to people. I’m already socially awkward, so I can’t even imagine what months in isolation will do to me. This is my biggest worry. I have such trouble making friends as it is that I worry I won’t know how to keep the friends I do have when we’re able to see each other again. #worries #Friends #SOCIALLYAWKWARD #Anxiety


Random thoughts

I have always had a hard time making friends, especially with other women. I honestly don't know why I never really have have had women consistently stay friends with me; much less have anyone Id ever consider to be a bestie. (I can 100% relate to Amy on The Big Bang Theory) As an adult Im super uncomfortable around groups of women in general but I get along fine with men.
#Anxiety #Antisocial #SOCIALLYAWKWARD