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    Misunderstandings on Social Media

    I’m getting really sick of most social media realms.

    One of my friends posted: “You don’t have to run far or fast to stay fit.” With a meme on the benefits of running. This woman is always trying to purport this sport as something people should do.

    I stated my opinion that I feel the sport isn’t for everyone, it’s not for me because of my ACL’s (one repaired) and my arthritis. She commented with articles on how running builds strong bones and connective tissue. I said that I was glad the sport was for her, but it’s not for me. She IM’d me, all butt hurt that I attacked her on her own page. That wasn’t my intent, at all.

    I apologized. People just frequently misconstrued written words. Maybe, I’m just in a lot of mental anguish for bullshit I’ve been through lately?

    I don’t know. I’m tired of stepping on eggshells with people. My feelings are also valid but I know I shouldn’t comment on anything, really. Only positive and agreeing comments are accepted, even at that, it’s usually about oneself.

    “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.”

    With me regarding the acquaintance it’s like this joke: “I saw people jogging past my window today, and it motivated me to get up and close the blinds!”

    #SocialMedia blows #PTSD #Sadness #BeYourself -but mostly I just feel #SOCIALLYAWKWARD sometimes, Maybe I should just fade away..

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    😬Our ‘Public Persona’😬

    This is exactly what I, and countless others, do everyday - we put up a ‘public persona’ to hide what we’re truly going through. We pretend that we aren’t: in #AGONY or #depressed or #exhausted or #anxious . We pretend because we are #scared of how others would treat us if they really know what we were going through. The thing is though, by pretending we are something we’re not, we are giving ourselves more #Stress but also denying someone the opportunity to help us deal with the things that are really going on in our lives.
    #itsokaynottobeokay #itsoktoneedhelp #ChronicIllness #chronicillnessawareness #ChronicPain #chronicpainawareness #mentalhealthmatters #MentalHealth #MensMentalHealth #CollegeMentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #Disability #IntellectualDisability #DevelopmentalDisability #InvisibleDisability #disabilityawareness #invisibleillnessawareness #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #FND #FNDAwareness #JointHypermobilitySyndrome #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #ChronicVestibularMigraine #HemiplegicMigraine #Migraine #BipolarDepression #ChronicDepression #Depression #ChronicFatigue #Anxiety #SensoryProcessingDisorder #BrainFog #PanicAttacks #PanicDisorder #notalone #BeYourself

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    #Insomnia or Awake After Enjoying The Day? #Perspective Matters ❤️

    Wow! What a day! I really had fun today, well, yesterday. I went outdoors and enjoyed a day of exploring my local area! This has been a hard task during the past six months. But????? Why I am still awake at 4:00AM? I don’t have a clue. But once again, no worries, I am simply enjoying this quiet time of the day. And I think it is because I am finally embracing my medical leave because of this breakthrough.

    Two days ago, I woke and my mind was flipping thoughts like crazy! I tried to pray but my thoughts kept shifting; this is my new norm I often experience after sustaining my fifth concussion a year ago. But this time, as my thoughts flipped from one thing to the other, I had a thought: write each of your thoughts down. So I did. And within five minutes, I had recorded nearly twenty thoughts!!! And after writing every one my thoughts and feelings, which lasted twenty minutes, I was exhausted but….RELIEVED!!! 😁

    So, I feel as if a new me has emerged from that moment on! The multiple thoughts stemmed from me viewing other’s lives on social media sites. But those thoughts faded after I jotted them down, in real time. Why? Because I realized, once I wrote down each anxious thought, how those thoughts and feelings were all based on comparisons: me comparing my life to posted photos of others, which are really my assumptions of other people’s lives. And those comparisons and assumptions have led me into a maze of fractured emotional thoughts AND anxiety.

    Therefore, shortly after listing those many thoughts, I started enjoying my day. And now, after today’s fun activities, I am still awake because I am not emotionally overwhelmed from wasting time lamenting over my real life compared to posted snapshots of other people’s lives. Remember, those comparisons and assumptions are based on ONE SECOND of a person’s life captured by a camera.😉! But most importantly, those comparisons and assumptions are deceiving and very deceptive.

    So, I will now address such thinking, instantly, before succumbing to the negative emotions that accompany my deceptive assumptions and comparisons. We are not on this earth to live like others. No! Instead, we are here to be our #unique selves impacting lives we encounter with our special personalities, skills, and talents.❤️

    #BeYourself #conquer your #mindset , for you ARE #TheMighty person #created for #good #works !

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    Being a better version of the person I was yesterday is hard enough. Seriously, I can't worry about how I am failing others.

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    Creative outlets are the balm!

    I started trying to get back to creating art, back to my artistic self. So, to ease into it, I’ve been making cards from dried pressed flowers and petals, from my garden. I’ve been embellishing them with paint, and highlighted details. It’s time consuming but extremely relaxing. It reminds me of adult coloring books, in its mind releasing and emotion settling qualities. It’s serene, it’s contentment..It’s finding a happy space. #Art #ArtTherapy #creative #PTSD #Survivor #BeYourself #Selflove

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    Lose me. I won’t beg to be chosen..

    Be yourself. 😊Realize it’s ok to have others lose you in life, it’s ok, if they don’t choose to have you in their lives. You are enough. #Selfworth #PTSD #Depression #Survivors #BeYourself #youareenough

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    You can't control everything. Lifestyles change, people change. Just keep on being you.


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    Be Yourself #BeYourself

    Have you ever felt like you had to pretend to be someone else because of your disability? I have. But you don’t have to be anyone else because you’re all are so amazing. I want to know your thoughts.
    #DisabilityAdvocacy #MentalHealth

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    Mightiest have a look over this ...... #Anxiety #Support #COVID19 #alone #ItsOK #Depression #Insomnia #CheckInWithMe #youmatter

    Recently I was contacting by this lovely lady and I have since found out some more information on what she is offering in this community....

    Please have a look over this and join if this is something for you ...I have signed up and can't wait for this workshop to begin......

    Description: Kashinda Marche Shares Secret Sauce for Getting Through Struggles
    The Mindset ReMix, a FREE 4-week workshop series to be held virtually via Zoom on Saturdays from 11 am – 12noon beginning October 2nd, 2021.

    These workshops will help re-align your mindset to get you back to being present and prep you for your future. Whether you have goals you'd like to achieve now or at the top of 2022, a business you'd like to start, or discover who you truly are in this changing world we now live in. These workshops are for you.

    If you are looking for others who can relate to a busy mom's struggles with no time for meditating, or the wife looking to rediscover herself, or you are challenged with a chronic health condition and need some social engagement – these workshops are for you. We will begin each session with a 5-minute breathing/meditation exercise. You will gain some insight, wisdom, get to know some of your fellow Mighties, AND get your meditation on all in an hour. You can't beat that.

    Covid has shaken our world, and some are struggling more than others. Humanity seems to be diluted by the day, and the love for oneself polluted by the discouraging circumstances surrounding us. Learn to become your own champion with facilitator Kashinda Marche, a published author, mentor, NC State-Certified Peer Support Specialist, and selected TEDx Raleigh Speaker. She has undergone four brain surgeries and still loves to pour into others, all while living her best life from a wheelchair.

    Join the next workshop and be inspired, educated, and enlightened. Become a better version of yourself because you can! #mindsetremix

    Register here:

    #Anxiety #Support #COVID19 #alone #ItsOK #Depression #Insomnia #CheckInWithMe #youmatter #Endometriosis #WritingThroughIt #Selfcare #MentalHealth #SkinCancer #BeYourself #loveyourself

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    A little #Inspiration . A little #Advice . Hope this makes you #smile ❤️

    You only live once. #faceyourfears and go for it. Follow your heart, don’t let #Anxiety ruin it. Family comes first. True #Love does exist. You have to let it go to know what it’s like without it. If it’s meant to be it will come back and it will not only work out, but be better than before. Never give up #Hope . Love with all your heart, no matter how foolish it may seem. Always say I love you. Never go to bed mad. Love everyone, but have healthy #boundaries . You never know til ya try it. If you don’t go for it and try it, you will never know and will always wonder what would’ve happened. Don’t pass #Judgement . Do you. Take care of your #Family and #Friends but don’t pour from an empty cup. #takecareofyourself , #replenish your cup daily. Don’t let anyone tell you how or who to love. #BeYourself . The right ones will love you for you. Don’t #worry if they like you or not, you’re not here to please them. Do what makes you #happy . Let them #Talk , they don’t know what’s in your #heart and mind so they can’t make decisions for you and have no right to judge.

    🎶Don’t worry be happy🎶
    🎶Love is my religion🎶
    🎶Life’s a journey not a destination🎶

    Living my life to the fullest despite my #MentalHealth
    #Advice for everyone #struggling
    I live with: #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #Agoraphobia