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Family Troubles

Most times I talk to my grandmother (who I live with, along with my grandpa and brother), I either get criticized or she tries to start an argument.

If I come home from work tired and she's cooking, she'll tell me about how I should be cooking because my future husband is going to come home wanting a meal. To be clear, I don't even ask her to cook. If she didn't, I would find my own meal.

I'm currently engaged and she's already (very rudely) unloaded her opinion on me about how she thinks I shouldn't get married. That conversation lasted at least 30 minutes despite me telling her multiple times how I didn't want to talk about it.

She's initiated a couple of conversations about trying to keep my dog when I move out. She was implying that I wouldn't care for her, ignoring that I've lived on my own before with my dog. There was nothing reasonable that should have even put that idea in her head.

It's everything we discuss.

The things I do aren't good enough, and the focus is always on what I don't do.

Now she and my grandpa are telling me that I've had an attitude problem for weeks. That's because I'm ready to move out, get married, and have my own life where I'm not constantly criticized.

I'll admit I've said things (like "I need to move out") and I've had an attitude. I also don't open up to them very much, for good reason! I've felt over the years that things I'm excited about are rained on by them. That plus the criticism doesn't lead me to talk very much about my feelings.

She told me today that I've been acting like "a spoiled brat" and that I want to be "treated like an adult (I'm 21), 'Don't get in my business'" but that I "just want to be on the recieving end of emotional support."

She does give me some support, but I also get regular doses of a blatant lack of support.

I even have dreams about us arguing.

I know I'm not making the problem better, but I don't find myself caring too much.

Any advice? 🙃😐

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Laughing story horrifies ar party #Bipolar #Dysfunction

#BipolarDisorder New and not sure how to post. Does anyone else find they tell a wildly inappropriate sad story...thinking it's funny.....and everyone else listen is like wtf? I was at an online cocktail party. Told a story about my cousin who tried to rescue some snapping turtles from my redneck neighbor who was going to make.turtle soup (very poor no turtle soup no eating for them) and my cousin almost got bite. He was still upset about the turtles fate. Now in my family everyone laughs and laughs... I told the story and everyone was silent. Horror. I know my family is dysfunctional but stuff like us laughing at someone's pain....it is shocking when you think about it. And I hadn't told that story in forever so the reaction shocked me. I still don't know how to talk about my odd family or past without hitting on something was too personal. Feeling a little sad now about trying to join in by talking about my past to new people. I never know what is a sad story because I don't know what normal.is. I wish I had a baseline to determine normal. On the place side the new aquantince turning to friend was amazing and kind and helped smooth things over...we had a laugh at neurotypicals later on.

Sorry. Hope that makes sense. I just wish I didn't always spill how screwed up.my past is by talking about any of it. Making friends is harder....the friends I do make are true friends typically if they can survive turtle soup stories.

Do any of you find this happens to you too? ##sad #SOCIALLYAWKWARD


Dysfunctional families and burdens

The most selfish thing parents can do is not prepare to have their final affairs in order. Leaving your kid(s)with the financial burden of your pass and poor decision making is not right . #Grief #Dysfunction #Stress #Depression


Tranquility post chaos

I’m going to enjoy the dog snore and the buzz of the heater while the wind rattles a loose pane of French door glass. Quiet my mind and count my blessings. I need to get stronger, physically and emotionally, a quiet reliable strength I always intend to cultivate. #mood #PMDD #Anxiety #Dysfunction

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