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    Feeling like a bicycle today

    Because a bicycle is 2-tired! 😂 Yesterday was a pretty good day, but I think I may have gone overboard in doing ✨all of the things✨, because I certainly feel like I paid for it today! Been feeling a lot like a fraud the past couple of days. Lots of worries about becoming a burden or being seen as attention-seeking. And still sometimes wondering if the pain and fatigue really are just normal aches and pains and things people experience. My support system believes me, I know they do. I'm just scared that I'm unknowingly abusing their trust by making a big deal out of nothing. 😣 #Undiagnosed #worries


    Why does my heart keep have bubble pauses?

    When I not under stress, this happens a lot now adays?

    But I did have a weird heart pain in July 2018, where I wasn't able to hear, swallow, eat, drink or move. Than for five days I have zero appetite... A friend who studies medical told me to take a bear aspirin, it helped.
    But my family took me to wait five days to see a doctor? My doctor told me it maybe do to stress, but when they took my xrays I wasn't aloud to see them? But my female doctor shown me on her cellphone photo..? They where concern of my odd looking heart but sujest it fine, but I couldn't inhale well.

    #worries #past #healthconcerns #anexity


    A little boost for U  #worries #scared #IfYouFeelHopeless

    For a little boost here are some Quotes:
    'Count Your blessings, Not your worries',
     'Its ok to be a glow stick some times we have break before we shine"
    "You only fail when you stop"
    And Last but not least...
     "If you can dream it you can do it."
    -Walt Disney


    Would you be comfortable with a counsellor who had chronic illness?

    I am a psychotherapist with Chronic illness and disabilities and I have tried over the years to get back to client work but I felt overwhelmed and emotional and physically it was difficult too

    I now live in a property where I could see clients at home avoiding the physical stress and I feel strong enough to manage the emotional stresses.

    If I had an openly ill counsellor I would have some concerns, what do you all think?
    #Counsellor #MentalHealth #worries #Working


    I hate these kind of nights

    2:38 am and I'm wide awake. Thoughts swarming, worries and fears in the air, depression really hits me in the night time the hardest. I usually sleep by 1:00 but every time I'm awake longer than that I don't sleep at all. I Have a new trend I thought I'd share in case it's of help to someone else. Now, when I can't sleep I go watch the sunrise, the most beautiful part of the day, calm, quiet, silent, and beautiful. Gets Me motivated for the day, gets me feeling optimistic. There's always light in darkness and nights like this feel hopeless until I made the decision to go watch the sunrise.
    #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma #Fear #worries #Doubts #Flashbacks #regrets #OnedayAtaTime #Reflection #Beauty


    Life After Quarantine...

    I’ve been in quarantine for a month now. I’m honestly not sure what my feelings are about the situation. All I know is what my feelings are about getting out of quarantine… I am so worried that when this is all over, I’ll have forgotten how to talk to people. I’m already socially awkward, so I can’t even imagine what months in isolation will do to me. This is my biggest worry. I have such trouble making friends as it is that I worry I won’t know how to keep the friends I do have when we’re able to see each other again. #worries #Friends #SOCIALLYAWKWARD #Anxiety


    #worries #housemates #Annoyed

    Yesterday Night i can't sleep well. My Roomate is calling with her boyfriend which make me mad. It is okay if she call her boyfriend in the living room but unfortunately she was too noisy for me to have good sleep. I have told her tah i had sleep problems if i heard noises. I have to wait in the living room to 1am until they are both asleep so i can went sleeping. When they finally sleeping, it doesn't end my sufferings. When i finally asleep suddenly i felt my chest tighten which it made me difficult to sleep and i can't even breathe properly. This had terrified me so i sit in the living room back to have my breathing back. At 5.30am then finally i can felt asleep. What's for to have Housemates when you share your problems but the even makes you even more feeling worse? They don't even understand what you felt and this had made you felt depressed even more....


    Overwhelmed. How can this be real?

    So I’ve been having a lot of weird symptoms lately. Mostly from my menstrual cycle, hormonal issues and metabolic. So yesterday I went to visit my gynecologist. She ran a bunch of test. Which made me extremely anxious. Today I got a call from her office and I found out that I have polycystic ovarian syndrome but I also have endometriosis. So this diagnosis is making me extremely scared. I’m not sure what’s going to happen from here. I know there’s plenty of options and treatments. I just feel overwhelmed with all this information. #Health #PCOS #Anxiety #worries



    - I worry that I am a bad friend because I have a hard time letting my friends compassion in.

    - I worry that I will loose my best friend that I fell in love with, even without me noticing, not untill she started dating, told me she does not feel that way about me, and now I can't stop thinking about her, hurting, crying daily for more than a month, cutting. She is unable to understand my emotions, she has an insane amount of control of her feelings, and is able to supress them. She would try to comfort me, she could hug me, be there, say she was sad for me, but she couldn't emotionally be present, and I could feel it. It felt empty. But I spend all time with her, talked everyday, and she left a gaping hole where my heart used to be and a lot of time alone to myself.

    - I worry that the wound left by my love to my best friend, which awoke feelings from my emotional neglect as a child will never go away.

    - I worry that I am unworthy of love. That I'll die alone and unwanted.

    - I worry that I'll never be able to love myself. - I worry that I'll never be someones first choice.


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