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Does anyone else give up on Google having an answer to why you’re having certain symptoms because we are too complex for Google to understand?

I’m having really bad tenderness/soreness in some really odd places lately and when I look it up it says things like “the flu” or “mono” or “stress”...yes it said stress 🙄. I obviously can’t look up tenderness/soreness in specific place while having a super rare mitochondrial disease without making Google have a stroke so I’m just giving up on finding an answer and hoping my pain goes away soon. Does anyone else relate? Gotta love being a Zebra...

#MitochondrialDisease #NFS1gene #Soreness #Pain #ChronicIllness #SpoonieProblems #Zebras #CheckInWithMe


In the Category of Pain

Did some exercises before bed. On the physical side, yes there was soreness, but it felt good in a way. I stated thinking about how in some ways we may try to cancel out pain in one area by inflicting pain in another place. My body is sore, but I’m not focused on my negative thoughts at the present moment. But the bad side of pain for me is that sometimes I feel like I need to put myself through pain in certain situations. I don’t think I’m doing enough unless it gets to a point where it’s painful. I will never understand why I do this, but I do. #Upallnight #Awake #Exercise #Depression #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #Pain #Soreness


Not a great day.

Suffering with the flu, it’s aggravating my joints but I can’t tell him in doors. Got to try put my warpaint on and get up and clean up.
My life seems to revolve around bed the couch and shopping. Need the strength to change that. #d #tired #Soreness


What helps you sleep?

I’ve been having increasingly sleepless nights due to #Soreness , #Pain and awful #PTSD related nightmares. I take prazosin for the #Nightmares and it helped for a few weeks, but I’m back to square one.

What helps you #Sleep ? How do I shut off my brain and get past the discomfort of my body?