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    Mania and Nightmares

    Does anyone else with #PTSD and #biploardisorder experience intense nightmares while manic at the same time? I've been manic for a few days, getting up really early. While having intense nightmares that wake me up. How do you cope?

    #Mania #Insomnia #PTSD #BipolarDisorder #Nightmares


    Do you feel like someone is observing you?

    I have very strange feelings all the time I hear things people say about me I have nightmares I don’t relise what is real or not to me animals have more angelic powers then humans being we are all beings. I wish world was created like that like we can go to work and coffees to our favourite places that people don’t call you weird as you prefer animals to be your companion. I am that person and to me my cat is my daughter my future dinasty. People think I get stuff from movies actually my mother I don’t I am my own person I have my baby that I adore and don’t need anyone. I do and don’t understand people and their intentions I don’t understand myself most of the time but I am honest and hard working person. I have a good heart . I wish I could keep my baby by my side and be able to repent with my hard work but still keep my baby. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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    True or False: I have trouble falling or staying asleep at night.

    👋 Raise your hand if you have difficulty sleeping.

    (Don’t worry, I’m right there with you.)

    Whether it’s excessive worrying, graphic nightmares, hyperarousal, or general insomnia, there are a lot of ways our sleep can easily be disturbed. And these disturbances lead to poorer quality sleep, including disruptions to our REM sleep, which is where a good chunk of emotional memory processing occurs (aka our lack of good, deep sleep can affect our ability to process trauma).

    Unfortunately, sleep problems are part and parcel of PTSD. And fortunately/unfortunately, there’s a lot of information out there — some more helpful than others — about how to get a better night’s sleep.

    I’ve personally gotten the most help from seeking professional mental health treatment. Am I the best at actually making the lifestyle changes that they know and I know will ultimately help me? Absolutely not, but the things I have tried have made a huge difference.

    What about you? How’s your sleep going?

    #PTSD #CPTSD #Trauma #Insomnia #Sleep #Nightmares

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    # Bipolar Vivid dreams your thoughts please

    Does this happens to others, when I go into my bipolar depression I start dreaming like there’s no tomorrow and the dreams are so vivid, and weird, at times, I end up with night sweats.

    Now! I know this is a sign, for me, that I’m crashing, as the dreams are continuous until I come out of the depression

    Every time I crash I always tell my pdoc I’m dreaming like crazy, whether he is aware of this happening to individuals or not I’m not sure, therefore, I will show him this article I found

    Disturbed sleep is common in people who have bipolar disorder.1 Many experience nightmares and even night terrors, coupled with either insomnia or too much sleep, depending on whether they're experiencing a manic or depressive episode.

    Proof, after all these years I decide to check it out, and here it is!

    And I thought it was just me. Please share your thoughts on this..

    Thanks for reading

    Kelly 😉😀

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    My Experience with PTSD

    I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2019 in a psychiatric hospital after a suicide attempt. I told the psychiatrist that I had been sexually abused and assaulted. I was unaware that I was experiencing PTSD symptoms at the time such as avoidance, nightmares and flashbacks.
    He asked me how I felt about myself because PTSD can make you feel bad about yourself. I did not realize that the abuse I had experienced was that horrific and terrifying. I was too focused on surviving. When I was sexually assaulted I was dissociated and felt disconnected from the situation. Dissociation is another common symptom.
    My PTSD symptoms come and go and I am still learning about my triggers but when I am triggered I feel an impending a sense of dread. My chest tightens and I struggle to breathe. My anxiety is ridiculously bad and sometimes I just want to run away or I lock up and freeze.
    I know these survival mechanisms serve a purpose but I wish I could stop being trapped in survival mode and just live. I have days where even my anxiety medication cannot help. PTSD has changed my life but I’m not sure if it is for the better. It slightly annoys me that I developed this because of what someone else did. But what can I do? I am doing exposure therapy to try and overcome my fears but I still get triggered.
    I just want to be able to not get triggered and not have to be haunted by intrusive thoughts. But again, what can I do? Sometimes I even trigger myself. Again I just wanted to share with a community that understands.
    #PTSD #SexualAbuse #SexualAssault #ChildhoodAbuse #Trauma

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    This week started rough

    Monday I saw GI to discuss options for treatment of the constipation caused by diastasis recti. He basically said that doctors only have to do the bare minimum for patients so they can function. Then after I told him I've been sick for 16 years, he compared me to an old classic hotrod. Said we need to put me on PEG, senna plus, and metamucil all at the same time. I've taken all those things separately over the last 7 years and had bad reactions to them. He said I have to keep tweaking the dose of peg as I go along day by day but to start with 3 scoops. So I got the meds (except for the metamucil) yesterday and took my first dose. This morning I woke up in horrible pain and threw up. But I went potty and my tummy feels better now. I ordered fiber gummies from Amazon. Metamucil is too expensive.
    Then on Tuesday I had PT. The pain meds wore off a half hour before my appointment. My therapist decided to do traction on my hips. That was very uncomfortable but didn't hurt at first... Until I got home, of course. I only have enough Percocet to take one per day till Friday so I had to wait till 8am Wednesday to take one. I was in agony for half a day.
    I've been waking up every 2 hours with horrible tummy and back pain all night. I also had bad nightmares about the children I lost custody of 12 years ago and woke up in tears. So I'm miserable right now. I also have been getting bad migraines for the last few weeks.

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    Am I Safe?

    Beautiful questions lead to beautiful answers.

    From a young age, I have felt unsafe. My body remembers what trauma felt like, so it is difficult for me to relax and let down my guard. At the worst of my PTSD, before I was diagnosed and even knew what was happening, the nightmares left me screaming.

    Years of therapy and mental health recovery have helped me to mend. I’ve found safe people to support my healing. Even so, the feelings of being unsafe remained.

    I asked a good friend about this. How could I understand the protection of God when bad things happened? How was it possible to feel safe in a world that had caused so much harm?

    “Hang on to that,” she said, “because beautiful questions lead to beautiful answers.”

    I’m gratefultheholyabsurd.commade space for my questions. If she had tried to fill the empty space with thoughts of her own, I wouldn’t have had the freedom to wrestle with it again.

    The hypervigilance from my trauma means I constantly look over my shoulder, waiting for the next trauma to occur. When I travel, I don’t sleep well in a strange and new environment. My mind can feel threatened by any number of triggers, lighting up the fear part of my brain into fight or flight.

    To treat my PTSD, I did EMDR therapy. The tappers I held in each hand during our sessions sent out a gentle pulse to both sides of my brain, helping me stay grounded in the present. The worst of the pain came to the surface so that I could walk through it to the other side.

    I wrote a song about that transformation, visualizing my child self entering a dark cave. I had to keep telling her to slow down, to let the memories come out one at a time so they wouldn’t be so overwhelming.

    But even after walking free through the cave and out the other side, I still didn’t have an answer to my question.

    How can I say I’m loved by God, covered by Divine protection, when terrible things happen?

    Do we really hide under Her wings like a mother hen’s chicks?

    When I am hurt, how am I supposed to believe I am safe?

    In January this year I began attending a recovery and retreat center in the Smoky Mountains.

    Every morning, the therapists would gather us in small groups, asking us to rate our mental health symptoms.

    Every morning, the worksheet had us list 5 affirmations, positive statements we believe about ourselves.

    Every time I heard someone say, “I am safe,” the child in me hid.

    When asked to define what safety meant to me, I replied,“Complete trust and vulnerability.” I had the idea of safety in my head, but it couldn’t reach my body and my heart.

    One day I went out to animal-assisted therapy. Bunnies, dogs, sheep and more had been rescued out of bad situations, constantly loved on by the farm’s human companions.

    I walked up to Tucker, the oldest horse on the farm. He was a weary, wise presence, like a giant oak tree, or my Grandmother. I put my hand on his shoulder and sensed he was in pain. Old joints don’t move swiftly and I thought he might have arthritis too.

    Somehow my compassion didn’t register. I’d been pushing hard that week, past the emotions and fear in my gut. I tried to lead him quickly the way the younger horses do.

    Tucker didn’t want to walk with me and certainly didn’t want to walk that fast. I pulled on his lead, he pulled back. Frozen with him in the middle of the ring, I told the animal therapist it wasn’t working out. I let him be led away and stood there awkwardly.

    “Did you get what you needed?” the therapist asked me. “Maybe he wants you to be still.”

    Read the full story:

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    Parenting while doing trauma work

    Looking for advice or experience. I'm a single parent with Complex PTSD from a childhood of #trauma , abused in a variety of ways. I'm in therapy and have been for several years now, currently on my fourth therapist. I have had good therapists. I am experiencing a number of #cptsd symptoms that make me think I'm either feeling very unsafe or I'm feeling very safe and it can finally get some much needed healing. Either way, I need to be able to work on it in therapy. As a single mom, I am responsible for basically all of my children's needs. They're old enough to do many things on their own, but I'm still the only parent in the home. They've been to the children's crisis unit for a few weeks this year because I ended up in the psych unit because of PTSD nightmares and sleep deprivation. I don't want to do that to them again. But I also know I need to get some healing of my own. Has anyone else here been through something similar? What do you do when your illness no longer allows you to maintain your current level of parenting? Is it okay for your children to be away for a few weeks as you heal? Is it okay for them to be away more than once in a year? What do you do when your PTSD symptoms are kicking your butt? I use coping skills, but does it ever feel like you're just trying to stuff it down more instead of really dealing with the suffering? Am I going to be able to take care of children as I heal?

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    I'm back on here now

    I was doing really well with my mental health... I suddenly lost a friend though during the holidays. There was a drunk driver and my friend didn't make it. Since then I've been stuck in a rut. I haven't been able to eat much, been crying on and off all day since then, I can't sleep without nightmares of the crash in my head (it ended up on the news), I just sit in my room and cry or scroll on social media which is filled with my other friends posts about him so it makes it worse in the end. I'm taking my meds though. I'm taking my antidepressants, my vitamins and supplements, and sometimes I'll take my ADHD meds to try to be productive but it's not working. Only things I've been able to do since the accident was take my meds, change, and go to work. I can't even shower. I have off work tomorrow so I might try to shower or do something productive but we'll see... Any advice or encouragement I'd gladly take.

    #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Grief #Anxiety

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