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#Awake or asleep?

anyone experience sleeping but your mind roaming elsewhere and you'll be surprised to find out it's already morning?
what's the best way to handle this?

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#CPTSD Fueled #Insomnia or #happy To Be #Awake ?

Wow! What a day! I really had fun today, well, yesterday. I went outdoors and enjoyed a day of exploring my local area! This has been a hard task during the past six months. But????? Why I am still awake at 4:00AM? I don’t have a clue. But once again, no worries, I am simply enjoying this quiet time of the day. And I think it is because I am finally embracing my medical leave because of this breakthrough.

Two days ago, I woke and my mind was flipping thoughts like crazy! I tried to pray but my thoughts kept shifting; this is my new norm I often experience after sustaining my fifth concussion a year ago. But this time, as my thoughts flipped from one thing to the other, I had a thought: write each of your thoughts down. So I did. And within five minutes, I had recorded nearly twenty thoughts!!! And after writing every one my thoughts and feelings, which lasted twenty minutes, I was exhausted but….RELIEVED!!! 😁

So, I feel as if a new me has emerged from that moment on! The multiple thoughts stemmed from me viewing other’s lives on social media sites. But those thoughts faded after I jotted them down, in real time. Why? Because I realized, once I wrote down each anxious thought, how those thoughts and feelings were all based on comparisons: me comparing my life to posted photos of others, which are really my assumptions of other people’s lives. And those comparisons and assumptions have led me into a maze of fractured emotional thoughts AND anxiety.

Therefore, shortly after listing those many thoughts, I started enjoying my day. And now, after today’s fun activities, I am still awake because I am not emotionally overwhelmed from wasting time lamenting over my real life compared to posted snapshots of other people’s lives. Remember, those comparisons and assumptions are based on ONE SECOND of a person’s life captured by a camera.😉! But most importantly, those comparisons and assumptions are deceiving and very deceptive.

So, I will now address such thinking, instantly, before succumbing to the negative emotions that accompany my deceptive assumptions and comparisons. We are not on this earth to live like others. No! Instead, we are here to be our #unique selves impacting lives we encounter with our special personalities, skills, and talents.❤️

#beyourself #conquer your #mindset, for you ARE #themighty person #created for #good #works!

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|| first post here! ||

Hi! Cecilia, I'm new to the group 😊

I struggle with nightmares and several awakes during the night, also usually having a hard time falling asleep (and falling asleep again).
It's been some years I've been struggling with severe thirst (some sort of dehydration, but the causes are still unknown) which worsen the nightmares and makes it more difficult for me to sleep for a decent amount of time and/or sleep it well.

There's also my last post on my profile explaing parts of this: didn't want to copy it and paste it ~

To anyone willing to talk and share, I'm here!

#SleepDeprivation #Insomnia #poorsleep #badconcentration #Nightmares #dreams #Sleep #thirst #Fear #Paranoia #Awake

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Wide awake #Awake #MajorDepressiveDisorder #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #rumination

Ugh I am awake and already worrying about what today will bring. I have a doctors appointment and expect that my anxiety will be high because doctor’s offices do that to me. Not looking forward to high anxiety and the exhaustion that will likely follow. Anyone have anything interesting to share? Inspirational, funny, etc.?? I could use the distraction.

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#Awake #aware #Mania

Perhaps we have it backwards! My life undulations to rhythm all its own and I'm along for the ride, I can't control it I can only ride it. What I mean is I don't make the sun come up yet it does.
My body told a story all its own, out of my control, 18 minutes of release of pure energy. This awakening awoke me. Since then I have enjoyed all types of therapies and the holistic ones are awesome. I mean the heat from reike, the energy flow activation from cranial sacral, the frontal lobe awakening from neurofeedback and more... all have shown me my vessel is on sea of life undulating to an unknown rhythm. So, when we are perceived to be this or that it's nothing more than a prisoner staring at the wall in Socrates allegory of the cave.
I trust myself, I let myself be vulnerable and I recognize the energy of life. I'm becoming intune with the world, I see all the chaos of the ego.
Let me explain: epigenetics is the transference of the ego from one generation to the next and it will do anything to continue existing. Perhaps this is why we do or say things that aren't us, because they aren't. It's the ego trying to patch up the holes in the cave to not allow the truth to be known. Now I'm not certified by the state to make such declarations I am certified by my own experiences. Ponder this: why are you doing what you are doing? Why do you live in a world dictated by people who say humans have control of an object existing in a vacuum spiraling around the sun spiraling through space, I mean the absurdity is confounding, yes we can do things better but I think the forces in play are little more powerful than out perceptions- we are limited by the knowledge we think we have.
In thus new beginning of awareness share your thoughts, not your reflective appraisal voice, your voice, give it some thought and go with it.

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I just want to sleep! But I have tintis and it's driving me mental. So instead I'm snuggled on the couch in my blanket with a hat on watching re-runs of the bill. :') #Deafness #wideawakeclub #Awake #Sleep #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #MentalHealth

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READY FOR ALL-NIGHTER? #Insomnia #Awake #inmyhead

First time poster- longtime reader here to vent... I am feeling the major anxiety that comes with knowing you are about to spend the next few hours alone combined with not being able to pull off a normal night of sleep? It’s the hardest time for me to be alone and seems like my brain is hijacked by some neurotic and needy jerk. I tend to always have the same ideas that go through my head: nobody cares and I deserve to suffer. Then I usually spend a few hours online backtracking my boyfriends social media activity (not my style and shady af). And then my tired head always finds something to totally over analyze, misinterpret or assume the actual worse; whether from a single like on a girls iG page he works with; to a political comment on Facebook from an ex: it’s a self-saboteur mission because I’m only looking for proof he doesn’t love me.
I am scared this jealous, obnoxious, immature behavior is driving him away but it’s not enough to stop me from my own private, ongoing investigation. I have never been this type of person and I hate it.
As I prepare for tonight’s solitaire mind games I am going to attempt to focus on loving myself and attempt to harness my racing thoughts and turn them into positive ideas vs. my biggest fears/“what-if’s”. I am not sure HOW TO DO THIS? Ideas? New bf? Runaway? Just Coetzee first before I catch him? JK! Kinda??? Anyone else relate to this?
Feeling my midnight madness- a huge rush of energy. Just in time (of course!) as he falls asleep now- oh boy. So the pic: I imagine inside my head would look like this if I had to illustrate. The Indians are my “crazy” thoughts that I am anticipating will storm my brain for the next 6-10 hours. #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #ADHD #PTSD #BipolarDepression #Selflove #selfsabotage #Relationships #ChronicFatigue