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I have another health issue.... Costochondritis? It hurts to breathe? 😱 I can't anymore, Sick of being sick 24/7, I give up now.

I am broken, not sure if I will be able to keep going. I can't afford to keep paying for doctors, medical bills, medicine, Biopolar meds, costochondritis, chronic pain, headaches, acute bronchial pleurisy, I live in a country where I have no help with medical care from the government. South Africa has 2 choices. 1, you pay for a private medical aid
2. You die
I have paid for everything and am in such debt that I cannot afford to pay for medical aid and now I have to pay cash for my meds and I have been sick for 5 months now struggling with bronchitis, and now I was told that I have #Costochondritis... I can't afford mentally or physically to keep this up anymore. I have to much pain and I am ready to give up. The pain is insanely sore, it hurts to just breath. I can't do it anymore. # #Costochondritis #Bronchiectasis #ChronicPain #MedicalBills #southafrica


Today we are all equal.

If I can help you get through this #global
#pandemic with a #positivethought & a #smile .
Thanks to the coronavirus being non-biased, it just needs a warm HUMAN body to grow it could care less what you think, are, believe nor have....
Rich, Poor, Race, Religion, Gender, Age, Politics, Sick, Healthy, Power, War, ect ect.
You are a Human and that's all it needs and wants.

🔹 So many people are being asked one thing WHAT IS IMPORTANT.
..... ❤️ You are my person and you are all the same. You have my LOVE all the way from South Africa 🌍 directly from my bed recovering from #COVID19
While the rest of the nation is in complete #Lockdown

😍 I stand by you, each and every one, as humanity should. I love you all so much regardless.
🔹 Covid-19 ~ we have to FIGHT FOR HUMANITY TOGETHER AS 1 world, United together to win

I love you so much 😃 you are sooo special people... ❤️ Remember that you are love 😍


No support from the South African government #southafrica

It's a great struggle to be a South African citizen with ANY TYPE of disability, mental health disorder or any chronic illness. There is no health care or any real support from the government. I have to pay an arm and a leg for medical aid and ontop of that, I still buy my bipolar medicine as well. I have no idea how I am managing to keep my job, but I can't lose my job as I need the money for my bipolar. I am sadly pushing myself further into the darkness. I tell myself that I have no reason to be sad or depressed. I then feel guilty for feeling that way and I eventually push my feelings into the dark.
I wish I could make the government aware of this problem. I am one of the lucky South African people who have a job to buy medicine. I have a heavy heart to the less fortunate people in the country. They have no support whatsoever.


I want to cut myself again. #Cutting #Selfharm #SuicidalThoughts #southafrica #Durban

I have the urge to cut myself again. I haven’t been cutting myself for a year and 5 months now. I feel like my anxiety is bad and I can’t afford to see a psychiatrist. I have been off medication for 5 months as well. I wish I could seek help. I’m tired. My family thinks I’m recovered from my first suicide attempt 14 months ago. But I still get suicidal thoughts. I don’t want be perceived as a failure to my parents again.


On this Friday that past. I had that nauseating reflux feeling.. Soon after followed extreme pain. I felt as if I was going to die
Was rushed to hospital and had tests Done but no proper advice. Dr's seems to be puzzled on my condition... August last year was when I had my op and I have been better. But no proper medical advice and direction.. Mayo clinic in south Africa. Is my hope in finding results. And also helping others in sa. Mals is still quite non existent here... Anybody experiecing these pains too post op..?. To be honest i feel so down and everytime I get body takes a knock where I am knocked out for a few days... Any tips. Advice and support will be appreciated #MayoClinic #MALS #southafrica