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#FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #chronicilness #positivethought

Earlier this year I truly acknowledged how unpredictable FND can be. I finally accepted it's unpredictability, the fact I can't control what the next hour will hold & the adjustments I've made in this new body it took so long to understand.

I accept that this is my life, for however long it needs to be. And I realise now that it is a life I can still live in. Not a limited life, an adjusted one.

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Be happy on a small and minor things

That is nothing special happened today
I am not really happy
I am moody
I am boring...
Yeah we easily have this kind of thoughts because we always be happy when we received something bigger and surprised
Actually sometimes minor things when all add on together you will found out many things that can make you happy
Without them you maybe in trouble
Such as:
today I have listened to a very good music
I have done all my work
I have time to do all my things....
I know this is difficult I know...
But we can choose to be better
We can do it
#positivethought #BPD

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Today we are all equal.

If I can help you get through this #global
#pandemic with a #positivethought & a #smile .
Thanks to the coronavirus being non-biased, it just needs a warm HUMAN body to grow it could care less what you think, are, believe nor have....
Rich, Poor, Race, Religion, Gender, Age, Politics, Sick, Healthy, Power, War, ect ect.
You are a Human and that's all it needs and wants.

🔹 So many people are being asked one thing WHAT IS IMPORTANT.
..... ❤️ You are my person and you are all the same. You have my LOVE all the way from South Africa 🌍 directly from my bed recovering from #COVID19
While the rest of the nation is in complete #Lockdown

😍 I stand by you, each and every one, as humanity should. I love you all so much regardless.
🔹 Covid-19 ~ we have to FIGHT FOR HUMANITY TOGETHER AS 1 world, United together to win

I love you so much 😃 you are sooo special people... ❤️ Remember that you are love 😍


I'm really proud of myself today!

After a few weeks of struggling through fibro pain and struggling to get through the day, I did really well today!
I slept in a bit, I did a light workout, and I got myself dressed in a cute and comfy outfit. I smoked a little pot, took the dog for a long walk, tidied the living room and vacuumed the whole main floor! I even made dinner for the whole family all by myself and cleaned up after. I'm really glad I got to have a good day and got to do so much!
#fibrofighter #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #chroniccondition #GoodDay #Feelinggood #positivethought


Positive thoughts

Hi you! Yes, you reading this. I want to let you know, you are doing amazing!
I have been sexually abused, been suffering from depression, had a lot of suicidal thoughts and have severe anxiety.
This week i started a new job, I have had a positive week. First week in a while where I have remembered what it was like to LIVE and not just exist.
The reason i post is to give some hope and light to you. I know its difficult, i do. But today I know there is a reason to keep going and I wanted to record this feeling in case its gone tomorrow. Because you need to record it too.
Good days are waiting ahead of you #positive #positivethought #Depression #Anxiety #assault #strength #Hope #keepgoing #MentalHealth