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Telling someone you love them, even if you know they don’t feel the same way? OPINIONS?

I was just wondering what your thoughts are on telling someone you love them, even if you know the feeling isn’t mutual? There is a man I love…we’ve been friends for a while, and slipped into a situationship a couple of years ago, but it has been mostly platonic for the last year or so. He’s been hot and cold over the years, but has always kept me at arms length. His reasoning is the age difference, and he’s said he doesn’t feel that way towards me. Even though it’s definitely seems he has at times, he’s verbalized that he doesn’t. I however DO love him and have strong feelings for him. Do I tell him I love him? Not in hopes that he’ll love me too necessarily, but because I feel like I need to? Is it wrong to him if I put him in that position? Or should I not worry about that and speak my truth? I’m scared, but feel like I need to tell him how I feel. Life is short. Even if he doesn’t feel the same way, at least I shared how I feel. I’m curious everyone’s thoughts and opinions on this? #Love #Anxiety #heartbreak #Opinion #Truth #help #MentalHealth #SpeakmyTruth #honesty

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Who told us that it should be easier than this?

There’s something I haven’t quite put my finger on. Where did we learn that life / relationships / work / health etc should ‘be easier than this?’ And … when we ‘come up against what we want’ that we feel ‘shame / rejection / guilt’ about it? Why do most humans believe this? It’s a myth in our western societies isn’t it? It does take active maintenance to create meaningful relationships. It takes daily maintenance to stay connected to our truth in a material consumer obsessed culture. It takes meaning maintenance to love ourselves. Especially, if you’ve experienced c-PTSD as I have. I appreciate the label as it gave me new knowledge about how my brain 🧠 works. This takes daily maintenance to heal. I’m starting to see such depth of healing some days I feel like crying with gentle joy. I hope it continues this way. Eitherway, if it becomes ‘hard’ or I start to wish it was easier, I would ask myself- why do you believe this myth? This is a teachable moment. I’m starting to find such meaning in the day to day, week to week maintenance that is my medicine. #Healing #CPTSD #rest #Recovery #Love #SpeakmyTruth