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    Has anyone heard of prolotherapy, or has done it themselves? I’m interested to hear more about its’ effectiveness, pros/cons, etc. #BenignHypermobilityJointSyndrome #prolotherapy #Opinion

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    Functioning Labels 🏷

    I’m curious to know what others think! Do you think functioning labels (such as “high functioning or “low functioning”) are helpful or harmful? Why?

    #neurodivergent #Opinion #Neurodiversity #Autism #Acceptance #ADHD #AspergersSyndrome #Inclusion



    Hi all, I need some opinions. Back in January I cut off a friendship that wasn’t doing me any good, more harm then good anyway. It had gotten to a point I had enough and just disappeared without letting her know. Blocked on all social media and deleted her phone number but I didn’t block it so she could’ve reached out if she wanted too. Anyway, I still feel so guilty for how I went about it and my therapist suggested I reach out and explain to her why I disappeared because I know she deserves an explanation and because I still care about her and love her and miss her daily, but our friendship isn’t good anymore. I was thinking of writing a letter to get what I need to say off my chest and get closure but I’m wondering if that’s still being avoidant? I just don’t want to have a conversation. I don’t feel the need for one. Anyones help would be great thank you! #Friendship #Letter #Opinion


    Mental illness

    Have anyone heard others (neither at work or personal life) make fun of mental illness like it was a joke? How did you handle it? If someone joked about mental illness at work is it discrimination against those that may have mental illness. #Survey #Opinion


    I have attempted a Book summary #Depression #Bipolar #Opinion

    This is a summary of this book i just finished reading, thought I would share it with you all . . . . I hope I'm allowed to do that here? if not I will delete my post


    I would like to know what you think of my Book summary


    ~I Need To Get This Off My Chest~#Vent #Opinion #Thoughts

    As long as I can recall my Father made promises to me and could never follow through with them. It all started when I was Taken out of his custody at the age of 3 and My grandparents were granted full custody Of Jason (My brother) and I. I was 3 and Jason was 6. My Father Todd was given the chance to fight to get custody back but failed to show up to court. So he was Given visitation rights. My Father would stop by whenever He remembered he had children. As I got older I started to realize what was really going on. I started to ask questions. My grandparents Mary and Gabe would always say I was too young. Until I hit 15. By then I had done recherche and then I found out why he lost custody and why he had stopped by whenever he felt like it and not weekly. It was all because of drugs and the abuse of alcohol. One day when it was a week past my 15th birthday he stopped by and had a present. When I answered the door he said happy birthday. I simply said thank you. When I opened the gift it was a doll. I had stopped playing with dolls when I was 13. So I lost my cool and told him about how I felt. How him stopping by whenever he wanted made me mad. I told him that all those empty promises he made Jason and I were a bunch of Bullshit. And I hated him for doing it. I told him off and after I did that I felt horrible. A week later My grandparents received a call from the hospital saying he tried to OD on pills and a lot of alcohol. He had been in a coma for 2 weeks before they told me. The one day I decided to go visit him. He wakes up. I was so emotional and mad and upset and scared and all these different things I didn't know what to think. I blamed myself for what happened. Later I found out it wasn't my fault His Girlfriend pushed him over the edge. After that I didn't talk to him for a while. Then I did. Then I didn't. He and I haven't talked in 3-4 years because of everything he has done. I tried to offer to help him get cleaned up. He said he tried that already. It didn't turn out well….I just don't know If I should reach out to him and see If he wants to try again now that I am almost 19. #whatdoido


    Thinking about moving.

    Hello there. So I want to share something with you people and I really need your advice and help. I live in Mexico, but I dont feel like im home, I lived in the United States, in West Yellowstone Montana 6 years ago and I felt amazing there, it felt like home, I had friends that made me feel better, I really miss there. I have family there and I honestly have been thinking about going back and maybe study something there and look for a job. I’ve had a lot of problems here and I know moving there would help me. I can see a lot of people in this community are from he United States or Canada. So I would really appreciate your opinion. #Advice #Opinion #Depression #home


    #Love #Opinion #Life

    this sounds so wrong but im in love with a married man...


    Opinions on a Disabled Person’s Weight #weight #Opinion #Caregivers #CerebralPalsy

    I am 25 years old. I have a Masters degree and a career. And I am almost completely dependent on others for assistance with activities of daily living as a result of quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

    I am temporarily living with my parents. I have been for two weeks. On a scale of 1- parents who get it and give a shit, they’re pretty great and have given me every opportunity. Inevitably though, there comes a point each time I stay with them for an extended period of time, where I (and they too) break.

    This time it is because of my weight. Every. Time. my mom pulls my pants up she says something. She went and bought me bigger pants without me asking, and today made a comment about how even those were close to not being big enough. So I got brave and mentioned that we have a conversation about my weight every morning (which by the way is a wonderful way to start every day). Among other less important things, she said my weight was her business because she is my caregiver and it affects her too.

    The conversation ended with me in tears and her leaving thing I’m a bumbling idiot (as do most conservations that I actually get brave enough to talk to her about hard things). I had told her this had happened every morning she’s taken care of me since I was 12 (because it legitimately feels that way). When she left she said would try harder to hold her tongue, but that I was wrong about it being everyday.

    I’m on my way to work (on public transportation no less) and I can’t stop crying (I am so not a crier outside of these conversations with her) because I don’t know that she will ever understand that my weight is not her business despite being a caregiver and having to lift me, that it doesn’t give her the right to have a constant opinion. Not to mention how deep it cuts to hear about it every single day- like I don’t worry enough on my own about how I look to the world.

    Anyway... to the point. I know this post will probably yield comments of sympathy and maybe even commiseration. I so appreciate that, but that’s not what I want. I want her to understand. I know there are some awesome writers here. Has anybody written or read anything about other people’s opinions about a disabled persons weight, and how and why that’s not ok. Can you please share if so? I feel weak and I don’t have my own words right now, but I need her to understand... or I might start to lose my mind,if I haven’t already...
    Thanks in advance!


    What do you think it is important to have opinions on?

    I want to be productive. Some weeks ago I decided that I want to do a list of topics for a conversation - basic opinions that every human should have about.
    It might be useful in future conversations.
    I want to worth something. I want to be interesting but mostly feel comfortable during conversation and avoid faux pas. I have been living in solitary since 3 years and not having any social life. #Depression #Productivity #Opinion #Conversation #SocialAnxiety #Agoraphobia #LifeLessons #Life #Lifestyle