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Social anxiety

So i have a question, can my teacher force me to hold a presentation when I have diagnosed social anxiety? My teacher doesnt understand me when i say Im terrified of holding speeches and presentations, she is old and doesnt know much about mental illnesses and anxiety disorders. The last time i was gonna hold a speech infront of my class i had about social anxiety, i tried to hold it infront of my class but i got a panick attack as soon as i said one word infront of the class, and walked out. My teacher saw EVERYTHING. But once again she doesnt understand and tells everyone in the class that they have to hold a presentation. I dont know How many times i have told her she just doesnt understand at all. I get bad grades too because of it. In my country we have two written languages, and we have to learn the other one in school. People with dyslexia and other writing and reading problems doesnt have that subject, and gets «exemption» from it. Why cant people with anxiety disorders get an exemption from holding speeches and presentations? The school system is so god damn old it makes me so mad. What should I do? Because i would rather not have to embarrass myself infront of class again and get a panick attack like usual. #Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #Teachers


Are there any teachers here with Borderline Personality Disorder or other similar conditions? How do you cope?

I am a teacher in the UK and I’m finding this remote teaching is killing me. I can back on a phased re-entry from 6months off sick with stress and social anxiety, and a sheer lack of control over my BPD.

I’ve walked back in to a different job. I’m stuck at home which is making leaving the house even harder than before. And HR are treating me as though it’s a normal term of re-entry for a non-BPD staff member. The standards are unreachable for someone in my position with my condition.

This is my last attempt at teaching, I’ve tried for enough time now to know that if it this doesn’t work then I’m not cut out for the job. It seems HR may have already decided that though, making every hoop slightly higher than the last one waiting for me to trip up and for them to have an excuse to get rid. My monitoring period has been extended to the maximum 3 months, if I’ve not sorted my self out by the end of March, it escalates to their legal advantage.

All alongside this, I’m doing a job I hate because I hate technology and I miss the classroom, there’s a global pandemic, we are in lockdown (not that you would know since everyone seems to be ignoring it) and I miss my family.

How do you cope? With the pressures? With the organisation? With the admin?
What is the secret?

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Teachers #Education #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Work

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What is the most rewarding thing you’ve done this week? #Caregiving

Sometimes caregiving doesn’t mean medical care/assistance for a loved one. Sometimes, it means doing something nice for someone else. This picture is the set for my winter performance. It’s not a stage... and it’s not perfect, but it worked and my students loved it.
I got up VERY early and despite my bah humbug attitude about putting up a backdrop at all, I put up the cut outs and some Christmas lights. The kids appreciated it and it made their performance all the better for it.

When it comes down to it my students are family.

What was rewarding for you this week?

#Caregivers #Teachers #Family



Any teachers on hear I need some tips. I found im getting transferred to another school. How did you cope with it? How do you say goodbye to your kids at the old school while having to get to know the new kids? What are some memorable ways to say goodbye? #Teachers #transfer

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Teachers with BPD?? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Teachers

Are there any teachers out there who have BPD or something similar??
I just had a very disheartening meeting where I was basically told I can’t be a music teacher because I have BPD.


Teacher friends! Whats the easiest way to pack things to move them into your classroom?

Im trying to avoid more than 1 trip. I have 2 hand carts and a ton of reusable bags. Mainly moving decor and supplies. Any tips are helpful! #Teachers #2020schoolyear

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I feel like a failure!

I wrote a book A Survivors Story! No one is interested I feel so sad. #Life #Teachers #BipolarDisorder #Books #Stress #Loneliness #failure #Family