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Reporting PT Freelance Income When on SSD / Social Security Disability & Related Questions

3 Q's: 1. How does one on #ssd legally report income to the #SSA IF odd jobs (freelance) with no set hours and little pay DON'T provide pay stubs NOR a 1099 form? 2. If one self-published a book of poetry, would book sales count as 'earned' or work income and thus affect SSD benefits? 3. Would investment income (dividends) negatively effect my SSD benefits? I need to augment my SSD income to survive, but I need to know how all of the above can be done adequately and legally PLUS NOT ENTER a 'trial work period' nor negatively impact much needed SSD $.



I was "diagnosed" with #ssd on Monday. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it because from what I've read, it's only half accurate to how I'm feeling physically and mentally. Also, I've been diagnosed with so many other physical and mental related issues that I feel like my psych is also giving up on me. Before my next appointment with him, my husband and I are going to sit down and list all the reason why we feel this diagnosis is both accurate and inaccurate. What has everyone else felt after this diagnosis and do you feel like it's just another cop-out? #ChronicIlless #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #Depression #BipolarDepression #Bipolar2Disorder #Bipolar1Disorder #PainManagement #exhaustion


Got my diagnosis today

There is a certain, tiny part of me rejoicing that I finally have an official dx. It was the same small feeling of relief & joy when my kids got their diagnoses. Like, “ok, finally. It is real.” Then there is a part of me saying, “more? Really?”

We adopted 2 kids(not related) from Russian orphanages in October 2004. I knew our 2 year old daughter had fetal alcohol syndrome. She was only 15.5 pounds & 27” tall! Our 8 month old son was 18 pounds & 24”! He was a slug but quickly learned to crawl, then walk, then spin & head bang. He has autism. Our daughter went to kindergarten in 12 month clothes, taken in so they fit! Other Dax’s are PTSD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc, etc. They are now teens, good teens with only small rebellion times!

I had brain surgery in March 2009 to remove a slow growing, benign inner ear tumor. I am single sided deaf. My “good” ear is losing hearing. It is now at moderate-severe loss. Brain surgery also left me very unsteady, I feel like I walk on jello on good days.

Now I have dx’s of fibromyalgia, acoustic neuroma, chronic fatigue, sad (single sided deaf), vertigo, visual auras.

#ssd #Singlesideddeaf #Fibromyalgia #Multiplediagnoses #Pain #newdiagnosis #CFS #Todaywasagoodday