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Your Kisses

even if I tried
Would you ever see me like you see her In Yours eyes
Or do you have to be blind
Just for me to call you mine
I’m going crazy
Trying to wrap my head around
The anxiety that I call my mind
As I continuously remind you that I’m fine
Because I don’t want you to decide
That I’m not worthy of your time
I give myself to you
In hopes that my body
Will somehow be enough
To keep you coming back to me
When will you be able to see
All I’ve ever wanted
Is for you to kiss me on the forehead
And tell me I’m safe #staysterling
#Heartache #Love #feelings #lonely #ME #Poem #Writing #words #safe


How She’s Perceived

She just wants attention
She doesn’t actually care
She just uses me for affection
That’s why she continuously texts me
But maybe just maybe
Those things aren’t true
What if she’s just desperate
For some sort of connection
She’s just lost
She’s become complacent
Stuck in a rut
Trying not to drown
But it’s becoming unbearable
to block out the sound
She’s losing her voice
Unable to make out the words
She just wants someone to hold her
Tell her that she can be found
That even in this never ending constant
Someday it’ll all make sense
And one day her worth will shine through
And when that day comes she’ll know
She was finally heard #staysterling #Poem #BPD #traits #feelings #heard