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    Special Item

    OK. This is probably weird but I am giving it a try. So say you are going to a place, any place, doesn't matter, and you can't bring people or pets, so you have one item you are allowed to bring with you. What would your special item be? Have some fun with this, I hope! #Friends #Friendship #friendships #MightyTogether #MentalHealth #FamilyAndFriends #New #lonely #alone #NoOneFightsAlone #StrongerTogether #Together #SocialInteraction #social #wellness #EmotionalHealth #Health #relate #Chat #Share #post #safe #SafeSpace #Connections #Positivity #positive #Fun #Mindful #Mindfulness #Kindness #ActsOfKindness #ActOfKindness Self-esteem Self-worth #self -love #Confidence #Life #Lifestyle

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    This group is now a private- full privacy- group!

    Hi everyone! We just made this group private instead of it being a publicly seen group.
    This means all group content will only be visible to members of the group.

    Now everyone in our group can feel completely comfortable sharing about yourself and anything about your life in here, and posting your own posts in here and no worries about letting us really get to know each other so we can achieve this group’s purpose-to grow new, genuine friendships because what’s in this group is only for us to see!

    #Friends #Friendship #friendships #MightyTogether #MentalHealth #FamilyAndFriends #New #lonely #alone #NoOneFightsAlone #StrongerTogether #Together #SocialInteraction #social #wellness #EmotionalHealth #Health #relate #Chat #Share #post #safe #SafeSpace #Connections #Positivity #positive #Fun #Mindful #Mindfulness #Kindness #ActsOfKindness #ActOfKindness #Selfesteem #Selfworth #Selflove #Confidence #Life #Lifestyle

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    Warning - #Holiday #Depression #Anxiety - when going on holiday - what to prepare for that you may not have thought about - My 6 tips!

    One of the biggest #trigger s to #desperation , and #Depression coupled with tremendous #Anxiety is the #unknowns - #Medication shortage fear is one.

    #Holidays for anyone who lives with these #illnesses can be hugely #distressing !

    I'd say that we're already feeling #anxious when preparing to go away, and yet, we aren't given the tools to help us, should a #Crisis set in while away in a Foreign Country, without our regular safe #drs near.

    Here are my 6 tips that I hope will make your #Holiday pleasant.

    Before packing your clothes, please ensure that you have ordered enough #Medication well in advance of your trip, and perhaps a little more of your #Medication than you usually take, as a precaution. Luggage gets lost. Flights get delayed. There's massive uncertainty with #COVID etc.

    We absolutely have to feel #safe regarding our #meds - and it is #Dangerous should we find ourselves without our #meds and not being able to #GET replacements.

    Tip 1. Always take your #Medication on board with you. Never let the bag with them out of your sight. - This gives a feeling of #Safety and #Comfort

    Tip 2. Always have your #Doctors phone number and contact details both in your handbag, as well as the bag holding your #Medication .

    Tip 3. When you arrive at your destination - before you unpack it's very important, for #peace of mind, to find out where the nearest #Dr and/or #Hospital is. Take their phone number and address. Keep these on you, plus a copy at your hotel or wherever you are staying. Believe me, this will save you #severe #Anxiety and stress, and you will be able to enjoy yourself.

    Tip 4. You may very well be put into situations where you start to feel #anxious and possibly #afraid . It does not matter whether it 'makes sense' to anyone. Even if you are on the beach, #Anxiety can kick in. So always, if you are on anti#Anxiety #meds , take them with you. Always. It is also perfectly acceptable to leave if you feel it's overwhelming. #Migraines are my 'go-to' sadly due to no understanding of #mental illness.

    Tip 5. If you find you wake up #depressed - remember that you do not have to get up just because the sun is shining. Be #Kind to yourself. Do something to distract you. TV, a book, whatever. Stay put in bed if you want to.

    Tip 6. If you've arranged a dinner out with your friends, but come time to get ready, your #distress #Anxiety - or any other part of your #illness kicks in, it is perfectly okay to politely decline by feigning a #Migraine attack. Sometimes, #whitelies are necessary - with #mental illness. Then watch a good movie. :)

    I hope these few tips help you. I went away recently, and thought I had adequate #Medication - but by week 3 - I was running out.

    I have learned a valuable lesson. Nightmare! Never again...I now know better. Shew.

    Debi xx

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    My #happy place... My almost #safe place. #clickingmyheels #Theresnoplacelikehome #HomeisWhereMyHeartIs #refuge

    I love where I live....where I hang my proverbial (and literal!) hat. But I still struggle with hanging my HEART anywhere near the concept of HOME. My name means Wanderer and that seems to fit. I am reframing my perspective on the concept of home, and disempowering triggers that keep me tied to things that hold me back. Learning to be and live #Brave .

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    #safe #Drowning # depressed

    Laying here in my bath tub fully dressed. Wanting to physically drown. Already feel like I am drowning in a flood of my moods, emotions, thoughts, work, other voices telling me what to do. I just want it to stop. Stop feeling tired. Stop feeling like I keep on sinking and there being nothing to hold onto or no one holding on to me.
    Many times I have filled up the tub with water and kept going under and hold my breathe debating if I need to come up for air.
    Not sure if it is a feeling of safety in the bath tub or a reminder of what I could do to myself.
    Just spent time with a family friend who is a strong Christian believer who pretty much reminded me of how fucked up I am. Reminding me of everything I have struggled with my whole life is considered bad in the Christian faith. Especially my mental illness. This is the lowest I have felt in a while.
    I don’t want to leave this tub but I have to go to work and act like nothing is wrong. This sucks

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    Not Me

    I've had #Depression since I was 14, at least. Along with a severe anxiety issues.
    I always managed to mask or fake it until I made it to be "me". People said that when they thought of me they thought of rainbow glitter unicorns. I was proud of that. I had an issue with alcohol and used it as a social lubricant. I was constantly crashing and ending up in crisis, but I had core things that made me me.
    18 months #SOBER . I was a huge reader. I was outgoing. I loved cooking. I made a huge effort to be around friends.
    I finally got put on meds that worked and it was amazing for about 5 months. I hadn't ever felt that good as far as I could remember. I got my first ever full time job and a lot of good things were happening, but the meds started to become less effective and working 40 hours a week wasn't manageable. Started feeling alot better in December/January again. Got really sick with Mono And Strep Throat£. Missed a month and a half of work. Went back for about a month before Covid shut it all down.

    The major point is that I dont feel that spark in me anymore and haven't since April. I'm not reading. I'm not cooking. I'm sleeping all of the time. If I laugh it is more of a chuckle and doesn't actually make me feel any better. I cry constantly. Covid has isolated me even more than I was. My house is trashed. Not doing any of my signature planning. #TheHappyPlanner I'm not journaling.
    I just can't. Eating, brushing my teeth, and wearing pants hardly ever all happen in the same day. I could just stare at a wall l day.
    I feel dead inside with waves of sadness and anxiety that are so intense I have to hide so I don't go crazy. Thanks, #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder
    I'm not being a good #mom or #wife and I'm not pulling my weight.

    I'm not me anymore and I don't even feel it deep down anymore. I'm losing confidence that those parts of me even exist. I can still fake it for short periods of time, but then I'm useless for days.

    I'm #safe I'm not going to hurt anyone or myself, or relapse.

    I just started a new med, #cymbalta and am in the process of getting an appointment with a neurologist because of different issues and possibly a Neuropsychologist. My Mom had MS. Neurologists scare me.

    Welp. Im gonna go back to watching #Cat videos so that I can stay awake until at least 8:30 even though I slept at least another 4 hours after I forced myself out of bed at 12 pm. You do the math. It isn't great.



    A safe place doesn’t have to be a place, it can be a state of mind, a smell, a playlist, a picture or anything .
    #safe #safeplace #Depression #Anxiety #calm

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    Staying safe at home #Stayingsafe #CheckInWithMe

    There is no place like home
    The Wizard of Oz
    She did have the right idea after all
    There is no safer place than home. Even if the place you are in is not your home. It is your home whilst you are in it.
    I hope you feel safe in your home. ❤
    #Stayingsafe #Hope #WizardOfOz #Dorothy #home #Family #Love #Stayinghome #safe #Theresnoplacelikehome #RareDisease #checkonyourneighbours #Bekind #sensitive #Selfcare #DistractMe #Stayingsafeathome


    Any advice for #Fun and #safe #rewards ?

    Had a long but productive day and I want to #reward myself (old rewards were drinking, smoking, spending money)


    Safe #MightyPoets

    Sitting on the picnic table
    Knees tucked up
    Holding myself together so
    He won't see
    How much I'm shaking

    That sunny spring day
    Rushing river
    Pine-filled air
    Sap-covered sticky gravel adhered to my flip flop
    But the nerves won't let me stop
    For cold or discomfort
    This conversation is happening
    He has to know how messed up
    I am

    I anticipate
    The tense silence
    The sour stomach
    The whirling thoughts of self-condemnation
    I've done it again

    But you...

    When you hear how
    He hurt me
    Tore me down
    Taught me to doubt, question, hate myself

    You don't blame me
    Suggest alternate narratives
    You don't deny my feelings
    Make me feel ashamed for being human
    You don't demand solutions
    Forcing acquiescence

    When I see your anger mount
    I shrink into myself but
    I slowly understand
    It's for him, not me
    You stand for respect and empathy

    When you offer to beat him up
    Though we both know you never would
    I'm surprised by the fierceness in me
    That responds to the idea
    You gave me permission to feel

    You showed me that you were safe
    That men could be safe
    That *I* could be safe

    I thank my lucky stars for you.

    #NarcissisticAbuse #EmotionalAbuse #CPTSD #Relationships #safe #ThankYou