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Inclusion Driven by a Pinewood Derby Race

This school in Pennsylvania read my book, “Kelly and the Great Pinewood Derby" about Kelly, a boy with Down syndrome. They read the book to the entire Kindergarten classes. Now they have started building derby cars. The superintendent of their district was on hand to help cut the cars! Here he is with Drew!! This is so cool! They are getting prepared for a pinewood derby race they will have in honor of World Down Syndrome Day.

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Update from June 2020

Good and bad have happened (will get back to that). I'm still in a mire. The last bits of sanity are trying to exist. I can't think. Thinking is a luxury of my former self. Looking for painless ways of committing the "s" word, but it's still just too frightening. I don't want to leave my kitties. My money is almost gone, and still no job, even after countless interviews. My lack of confidence shows through even on Zoom. My boyfriend broke up with me in September. I did my best to remain positive around him, but he saw through that too. Worry, fear, brooding, insecurity, agitation continues, and my health is affected. I can't say that I care, hoping that one day I won't wake up. Only my kitties keep me going. Sometimes my love for art, poetry/literature helps...but they are turning piddled in front of my eyes. I live in a storybook of a life that I once loved. I turned 50 a month ago. Age has no conceptualization anymore.  Too weird to explain.  Too tired to write anymore.

 .....there is one message I want to send out... Do not bully anybody! Do not join a coo of bullies and do not sit back and watch it happen to someone else. Bullying is full of lies, rage, arrogance, insolence, and destruction. And that's just for the bully. Being the target is much worse. I was a target in 2020, and it's ruined my life.  #stopbullying



Camila Mendes keeps harassing me me and bullying me in spiritual phsycal contact .... She's also has been harassing as me and posing as me on social media, wish it would stop!!! #stopbullying #Antibullyingadvice


#stop cruelty & hate expressed as Bullying

I am Jacki and #I am passionately against any bigotry, shaming, & aggression that is heart of bullying. #stopbullying # AcceptEveryone#KindnessNeededSexualOrientationDoesntMatter #StopAllBullyingNow

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End Bullying

I've been bullied my entire life and it gets worse everyday it eventually made me suffer from depression. Recently i found out that i'm Lesbian and i get bullied for being lesbian instead of being straight. I still get cyberbullied for being lesbian instead of straight. But Bts or Bangtan Sonyeondan a kpop boy band always tells us to Love Yourself and to be happy with yourself and support yourself if nobody else will. I stand up against bullying and i want to end bullying i lost my one and only best friend who understood me to suicide. He was getting bullied everyday and he couldn't handle it anymore and went home and killed himself. I was upset when i found out that he killed himself i went up to the people that bullied him and i said things to them and they stopped bullying people after i said what i said. Bullying isn't fun and it shouldn't be happening. More and more teenagers are killing themselves because of bullying. Bullying needs to end for good. Stop Bullying.
#Pledge2EndBullying #stopbullying