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“Like you’d run from the law.”#Anxiety #Depression #relationship

As trying as all these things have been...
I love him. I do. And I have never loved someone like this. And I know he loves me. And no one has ever loved me or taken care of me, looked out for me the way he does. And so these are the things I’ll hold onto. When I have doubts and the sinking feeling starts, I will not get hopeless. I will remind myself of the way he looks at me.
The way his hand feels intertwined with mine. Protective.
I will remind myself of how his arms feel around me, strong and supportive and unbreakable.
I will remind myself of how he listens to me, patient, understanding and without judgement.
I will remind myself of how he thinks of me, even in the smallest ways, bringing me my favorite candy or snack food just because.
I will remind myself of the way he makes me laugh. Big, whole belly laughs.
I will remind myself how loyal he is to me. Unwavering.
I will remind myself of the man that he is. True and authentic.
I will remind myself to trust his words when he says that I am not alone. That he is with me every step of the way.
And I will remind myself that though they are his family, he is who he is and our relationship is OURS. Beautiful and full of potential.

Because I love him.
Because I want him.
Because I want to be with him.
I want to grow with him.
I want to laugh with him.
I want to run with him.

“Hold on to the memories, they will hold on to you.”

#TaylorSwift #RelationshipOCD #Relationships #relationshipanxiety

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Talk to me about#TaylorSwift

I love Taylor Swift
Her music and her kindness and always helped me when I'm feeling low.
Reply with some of the songs you like, some interesting stories about her or yourself that involves Taylor (and her music)
What are your favourite songs/albums

Right now I really like
The lakes
Tis the damn season
Tim McGraw

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I’m low on my pain medicine but I got new anxiety medicine. That does help and I get more pain medicine on Tuesday and I still have some left. By Taylor Swift album “ever more“ that came out right me some joy once I got rid of the headache that I had so that I could listen to it because it’s hard when I get that magnetic electric burning feeling in all of my body and then my eyes and head hurt. But I’m hanging in there :-) I hope everyone is doing OK #TaylorSwift #RheumatoidArthritis #Cats #Fibromyalgia