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There is no way to keep this quick, but I'll try. I'm 50 and still battling with OCD, ADHD, panic, social and relationship anxiety, constant depression. I could take a conversation with a professional in so many directions in talking about my symptoms, my experiences, etc, to try to "get to the root of it", but it's never simple, and I'm now exhausted. However I HAVE to keep trying, but finding yet another therapist and doctor to trust and open up to is just so overwhelming. My life effectively ended at 17 when my first panic attacks took over, and from that very moment, I knew I'd never be the same. There are certain things I've been unwilling to openly discuss. I've seen many therapists, gotten a lot off my mind over the years (that probably saved my life), I've taken a million different prescriptions, but have never stuck consistently with therapy, never have been as open as I could be, and so have made only enough progress to manage the worst of my symptoms, and now I just exist. I feel I'm looking downhill at the rest of my life, craving my younger days prior to the onset of this horrible condition(s) with an aching and desperate heart to go back in time and experience even a second of peace again. With two daughters now turning into adults, no spouse or family around for support, I have more ongoing responsibilities now and need help now more than ever. I am terrified.

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Community Voices

Still I'm so scared!

<p>Still I'm so scared!</p>
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The guy I’ve been seeing asked me to be his girlfriend last night, and all day today I’ve been on an absolute high, feeling so unbelievably happy. But then as the night goes on all I can think about is what if he leaves me. He hasn’t given me a single reason to believe he will ever leave me but It’s like I always think the worst. How do I stop feeling this way? Why won’t my mind just let me be happy? What do I do? #Relationships #relationshipanxiety

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Unwanted (Part 2 of 2)

<p>Unwanted (Part 2 of 2)</p>
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Unwanted (Part 1 of 2)

<p>Unwanted (Part 1 of 2)</p>
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I thought everything was getting better, hadn’t had the intrusive insecure thoughts about our relationship in a while and I really felt I could trust him and felt more confident in us then it’s all come back after his birthday, I’m having the intrusive thoughts ALL the time it’s so draining! Having the awful dreams about him cheating on me etc, waking me up throughout the night and in a fowl mood in the morning , keep checking his maps and snap score again , just reliving the same shit over and over it’s so draining and I can feel I’m frustrating him asking about girls all the time , don’t even know how to manage it at this point

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Losing the Partner I Love? Thoughts? Advice? Valentine'sDay?

<p>Losing the Partner I Love? Thoughts? Advice? Valentine'sDay?</p>
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I've had some bad exspirences with guys. not as bad as others, but it's made me very anxious and I've only started dating 5 months ago, for the first time at 22. the first guy I wasn't feeling attracted to so I broke it off. now I've been dating this one guy who is pretty cute and he is sweet but I don't have the same chemistry with him as I did with one guy I didn't date. it's a mess. but anyways, I try to not let my anxiety take over, but I've been freaking out a little. my anxiety making me sick (I have acid reflux). he does something's well, he's a gentleman and like I said, sweet, but he hasn't asked me about my book I'm writing, or my singing or thoes kind of things that are me. he doesn't seem to take notice of me the way I want him to, but I worry, is that just "Hollywood love" that doesn't exist outside movies. is that something I should wait for or is that just a childhood fantasy? I've been going back and forth in my head and it's hard to say what I want to say so my family sometimes doesn't understand me, nor does my friend, so I'm just trying to write it down and maybe like-minded people can help

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How do I fix this?

I have been seeing a guy for over a month. It just feels like everything is falling apart. He has been texting me less and less. I get that he might get busy, but since I have a very anxious mind, I can’t help but overthink the whole thing.
Today, it got to the point where I was driven to the point I had to ask him if he was getting bored of me. He mentioned he was not bored per se, but turned off due to any signs of clinginess.
#relationshipanxiety #Relationships #Anxiety

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