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    What are your major issues you got from relationship ptsd?

    My major issue is trust and fear of being in a relationship #PTSD #AnxietyAttack #Depression #RelationshipOCD

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    “Like you’d run from the law.”#Anxiety #Depression #relationship

    As trying as all these things have been...
    I love him. I do. And I have never loved someone like this. And I know he loves me. And no one has ever loved me or taken care of me, looked out for me the way he does. And so these are the things I’ll hold onto. When I have doubts and the sinking feeling starts, I will not get hopeless. I will remind myself of the way he looks at me.
    The way his hand feels intertwined with mine. Protective.
    I will remind myself of how his arms feel around me, strong and supportive and unbreakable.
    I will remind myself of how he listens to me, patient, understanding and without judgement.
    I will remind myself of how he thinks of me, even in the smallest ways, bringing me my favorite candy or snack food just because.
    I will remind myself of the way he makes me laugh. Big, whole belly laughs.
    I will remind myself how loyal he is to me. Unwavering.
    I will remind myself of the man that he is. True and authentic.
    I will remind myself to trust his words when he says that I am not alone. That he is with me every step of the way.
    And I will remind myself that though they are his family, he is who he is and our relationship is OURS. Beautiful and full of potential.

    Because I love him.
    Because I want him.
    Because I want to be with him.
    I want to grow with him.
    I want to laugh with him.
    I want to run with him.

    “Hold on to the memories, they will hold on to you.”

    #TaylorSwift #RelationshipOCD #Relationships #relationshipanxiety

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    I feel guilty about leaving him

    Me and my ex have been broken up for about 8 months now. He’s came back to me 5 times telling me he misses me and wants me back. Each time I gently say no because I know it’s for the best. I’ve already blocked him, but the guilt is actually eating me alive. He’s made me feel horrible for not taking him back, even though I know if I continued the #Relationships it wouldn’t be good in the long run. The guilt is terrible right now and I feel like a horrible person. #RelationshipOCD #Guilt #Ex #Breakups


    How do you let go of a toxic person when your OCD and depression keeps pulling them back in? #Depression #Anxiety #OCD #RelationshipOCD #Toxic

    I keep going through this toxic cycle in dating. I become interested in someone that I think I know and trust after being friends for at least a year. We start talking and they genuinely seem interested, then they drop off the face of the planet. This just happened today and I don't know how to move on quickly because my OCD keeps awful thoughts running through my head. I feel like I did something wrong and that I will never find someone that truly loves me. I think I'm over them until a few days later something happens where I think we could make it work. How do I totally let go?


    Relationship insecurities #RelationshipOCD #Insecure

    Why am I still anxious and sad after having phone and text conversations with my SO where nothing negative or relationship-ending is even talked about? I'm so scared she'll see ugliness inside.

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    What is something you can unpack ?

    There are so many thoughts that we often carry with us and weigh us down. What are some of the things you can let go of to allow yourself to move a bit easier? #MentalHealth #RelationshipOCD #OCDTips #Anxiety #Depression #EmotionalHealth


    After an explosive anger episode, do you ever think you don’t love your spouse? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #RelationshipOCD

    If my husband and I ever get in a big argument, afterward I always question whether or not I love him. Surely if I love him, I would be angry at him all the time? He is such a good, loving, patient person.


    After effects of relationship OCD

    Have you ever driven your partner away because you’re anxiety forced you to questioned it? The minute your anxiety is gone, you can feel again and you feel love and longing, but they are gone. You try to explain and try to fight for them back but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Every so often that person pops in to say hi but that’s about it, unable to recommit and you want nothing more than that commitment... #Depression #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #RelationshipOCD #Anxiety #heartbreak #Selfblame