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    Stress Wonders

    Sometimes you wonder where stress comes from, and stress can make your muscles tense up. Enough stress can cause a headache or migraine. A day without stress, I wonder.#stressfree #Stress #tension #muscles #MentalHealth

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    Anyone else experiencing this?? #Christianity #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #Pain #tension #hardtobreathe

    My anxiety is in full swing it seems I just completed a twelve hour shift at work and the entire time it felt like my chest was tight my back was tight hard to breathe didn’t feel comfortable when I was breathing I trust my Lord and savior Jesus Christ it’s just anxiety stinks it’s a struggle and I’m not sure 🤔 why but getting a good amount of sleep has been difficult for a while now by God’s grace I got I believe around six hours yesterday I think 4 consecutively then 2 after that I spent New Year’s Eve with my fiancé and she swears that I got 5.5 consecutive hours of sleep before this point it was less but I still feel like I am not getting enough my psychiatrist 👩‍⚕️ is not helping she’s refusing to give more than 15 Ativan for an entire month when I requested her to at least allow me one at night and one in the morning just wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing anything similar

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    Conscious of being present #Anxiety

    I came across this on a meme page. As I read the pic, I followed the directions for each step.
    I realized that I subconsciously have been *clenching* myself and I do this regularly. Why? Because I’ve been having daily consistent mild anxiety for several weeks. No wonder my jaw, neck and shoulders are so sore all the time.
    So, I will try to be more conscious of my present physical condition.
    I will be more aware of the position of my shoulders.
    I will be more aware of the possible tension in my jaw.
    I will be more aware of relaxing my tongue.
    Sharing so that others may be helped by this very simple form of self care. #Anxiety #selfcare #tension #release


    How do mothers cope with a son that you were very close with. He gets married and all of a sudden it’s all over. No calls no texts likes to ghost me.

    I find I’m uncomfortable around him and his wife it’s like walking on egg shells. My husband asked him to give me a call and he said he is too busy. I’m very hurt over this and not sure what to do. #Broken #tension #heartbrokenmom #lostson #Depression #notneededanymore


    Stressed tense and anxious #Anxiety #Stress #tension

    I've been tense for the last several days, have too much to do, can't get any of it off my plate, and was just told by a friend that yes, I do have too much to do and that I wouldn't ask for help because I'd already decided that people would say no.

    The fact is, I HAVE asked for help in the past, especially with babysitting, people HAVE said "no" (to be fair, it's usually because people aren't able to, not necessarily because they don't want to) and when people say "no" often enough, yes, you ARE going to give up asking.
    Ended up snapping at friend, yelling at husband, and even my son wanted to know what was wrong.