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Ohhhh man! What an affirmation!? This can literally make u cry (release) or become elated (reassurance)... Such a good one! (I received tonight).... Had to share...much love and strength to everyone 💜💪🙌 #release &letgo #reassurance &light #ChronicIllness

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dealing with health and relationships after child loss

I released a book on 1/31/2023, about every mental and emotional health issue I went through during my son's life until he died at 10 weeks after being born prematurely. 2/2/2023 will make 14 years since he passed, and it has taken those 14 years to heal. #Grief #Loss #SuicidalThoughts #MentalHealth #release #Healing

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Balancing The Scale: From The Shackles Of Burden To The Freedom Of Release

We all know it. Elegant, seemingly simplistic yet deeply complex and controlled. Its ability to balance tremendous weight and withstand pressure is unlike any other. What is it that makes the scale of justice so potent, so powerful?

The truth lies in its literal and metaphorical relatability. Like the scale of justice, I have been given the extraordinary power of carrying the weight, energy, and burdens of others. I’ve spent years cowering in fear of this gift, completely misunderstanding its magnitude. I have been able to use this gift, share it with others, and carry them during times of their most dire need. The power, grace, and level-headedness I’m able to display during times of crisis are some of my specialties. Think- extreme financial hardship, estate planning, divorce, chronic illness, and death of loved ones.

My scale of justice is constructed differently than others. Foundationally, I am built to withstand an inordinate amount of pressure. I am able to find purpose, and meaning and create balance while upholding the mass that is and has been a life of heavy and traumatic moments. It is with this gift that I am able to provide a sanctuary for others. When they must be held or carried because their burdens have become so great, I am there instantly to shoulder that load. My scale then tips in one direction and is left strained, suspended to hover above the ground. It isn’t the enormity of the weight or choice to hold it in the first place.

It is, however, time under tension and the lack of understanding of how to release those burdens and rebalance the scale that has made this gift so debilitating.

When the friend, colleague, or loved one is ready to be ‘put down’ and walk on their own again, they are eager, grateful, and determined to forge a new path on the other side of their grief. They’re able to express their gratitude in such a way that doesn’t just show me I’ve changed their lives but draws me in to feel their release from the bonds of their trauma. Even with quaking legs, they’re ready to move forward. Their scales of justice are reset and they are free once again to move about their lives. I, however, am left under tension; worn and depleted like an overstretched bungee cord.

Sure, my loved one has moved on. Their burdens have been lifted and therefore I should be able to release the weight too. It is here, in these moments, that my gift became unbearable. I did not know how to counterbalance my own scale. I wasn’t able to relinquish the burden of their loads and slowly one side of my scale stretched further and further toward the ground.

Years upon years of trauma, tragedy, and heartache had piled up. I knew I was strong. I knew I was gifted, lucky. I shouldn’t complain. My feelings couldn’t possibly matter because I had witnessed what true struggle was through the eyes of my family and friends. Not only did I completely invalidate my feelings, but I also demonized and vilified myself for them. Who was I to be so weak under pressure? How could I call myself strong if I felt so broken? Trudging on lopsided and deteriorating little by little.

Fast forward through years of therapy, coaching, enlightenment, astrology readings, group classes, masterminds, breakthroughs, and breakdowns… Working 50+ hours a week in an unfulfilling job, marriage to someone in the throes of active addiction, childbirth, divorce, giving up everything I’d worked my whole life for, rebuilding as a single mother, finding love again quitting my career, and beginning my journey as an entrepreneur. I became completely incapable of holding the weight. The gift I had so proudly used had become my arch-nemesis. My bungee cord was so thin and unattended for so long that it finally snapped. An organ literally died inside my body. My tough and ironclad exterior was a mask for the decay that lay underneath. Not only was I no longer able to use my gift. I had become incapable of managing my burdens. The weight of my life had become too heavy.

The next year was a simultaneous whirlwind and torturous dragging. My health was deteriorating even more and I became so depressed and sad I no longer knew who was staring back at me in the mirror. Time marched on but I was stuck going through the motions. Until, one night, not long ago, I experienced the second complete breakdown of my entire life. Every single trauma, death, tragedy, legal, and financial hardship replayed in my mind like I was reliving every moment all over again.

In the wake of this breakdown, I had an epiphany. I had been stuffing down my own feelings, experiences, and traumas for so long. I buried them so deeply under the experiences of others. I had invalidated my feelings and stretched my scale so far that I thought it to be irreparable. The following morning, though dehydrated and swollen-faced, I noticed a difference in the way my body felt. I was able to breathe a little deeper and stand a little taller. The haze I had been living in was starting to dissipate. Every morning since that morning, I’ve felt lighter and freer. It wasn’t my gift that was the burden, it was my inability to relinquish control and release the collective experiences and feelings. I was not cursed to exist with an uneven scale. I was meant to bear the weight, mine and others just long enough to allow fresh breath and new perspectives to take over. My scale was slowly and steadily coming back into balance.

The bonds of suppressed emotion are relentless. The scales of justice can never be balanced if the burdens are not lifted. That is where freedom lies. That is where my freedom lies. The freedom is in the release.

#MentalHealth #release #selfrealization #energyexchange #balance #embracingyourgift #releasingtrauma #livedexperience

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Feeling a lot better

I’m grateful to this app, I don’t always use it but I find that when I get really triggered I am grateful I have a space to come to where I feel safe and supported to let it out of my head. I really love the community and receiving so much affirmation from folks here. I was feeling really depressed and triggered by Mother’s Day. But I’m feeling a lot better today having let out my feels and tears and received some affirmations and support from the community here. #ThankYou #release #Community #Support

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Letting things go.

Something I've learned in this life. You have to let things go. You have to. You have to move on. You can't allow things to consume you're being. It is definitely one of the hardest things you will ever do but probably most rewarding thing you can do.

Stop allowing things to weigh you down.

Remember to take care of yourself.

In one ear out the other and keep it moving.

Now I'm not saying walk around and ignore others. I'm saying walk around and filter your mind. Just because your ears hear it doesn't mean your brain needs to think it. Stop giving others words that time of day in your life. Drop anything that's not helping you like the hot potato it is.

In the end you'll be happier. I promise you that. ✨

#Lettinggo #movingon #forgive #release

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Conscious of being present #Anxiety

I came across this on a meme page. As I read the pic, I followed the directions for each step.
I realized that I subconsciously have been *clenching* myself and I do this regularly. Why? Because I’ve been having daily consistent mild anxiety for several weeks. No wonder my jaw, neck and shoulders are so sore all the time.
So, I will try to be more conscious of my present physical condition.
I will be more aware of the position of my shoulders.
I will be more aware of the possible tension in my jaw.
I will be more aware of relaxing my tongue.
Sharing so that others may be helped by this very simple form of self care. #Anxiety #selfcare #tension #release


When the #Lyrics Hit home

If I could put my problems in a paper then I'd roll em up & blow them away, if I could find a pill to solve em, i would take a bottle & I'd be ok, if i could fit my sorrows in a glass, I'd pour a double shot & drink em away, If life was that easy then I'd never have to worry for the rest of my days, but life just ain't that easy, oh no, no, no, its taken its toll on me deep down in my soul.

Cheers, bottoms up, I wish that I could roll my problems up, wish I could put them in a pill & just swallow em, wish that I could solve them every time I picked the bottle up, I would chug, chug, you know that I will kill it, getting f*ked up, I wish that would end it, drowning in my liquor meant the drama would be finished, but in reality that would just be the beginning, I really got a feeling that its time for me to change, instead of really dealing with it, I keep running away, i gotta start dealing with the sh*t that's on my plate, but its hard when I'm sick from the sh*t that I done ate, I'm neasous & it's hard to sleep at night, when I'm turning & tossing, & its hard for a man like me to except my loses, what do we do now, when you're froze inside & its it's cold outside n the heat goes out, When you're already late & you gotta detour cause the streets shut down & it's all on you, cause you know you can't let your people down, you gotta go in beast mode now!
#Music #Lyrics #Recovery #Beastmode #release #Mamadoesit #Life #JellyRoll


Music is my release

Sometimes I can't find the words to say when something is eating me up from within, which is something I have been dealing with since getting sober over 2 years ago... I felt like I was my teenage self all over again, learning how to control my mental illness again... I used to be able to write the words that now flood my thoughts.. but it's one day at a time, so sometimes I use the next best way to feel like I can breathe again.. Music.
Just incase someone else feels this way and needs it to, he's a feeling I feel to often, especially with this dang lockdown going on. I normally isolate myself anyways.. but when you feel like you have lost the chance to make the choice for yourself.. my thoughts are slowing consuming me.... become my own enemy

Every night I lie awake, I know something needs to change, making all the same mistakes, like regret is my middle name, whether I'm up, whether I'm down, it's all on my to turn it around, I could go left, I could right, ain't no walking away from this fight.

my only enemy is me, I'm up against something I can't be, well I'm good at putting on a show, but in my mind it ain't how it goes, my only enemy is me.

I tried everything I know, nothing ever seems to help, wishing I could take this weight off my shoulder and put it back on the shelf, well I could just run, but I can't hide from this feeling that I'm feeling inside, can't get out, to far in, in a battle that I know I can't win cause,


Muscadine bloodline - enemy
#Music #Lyrics #enemy #release

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What are your strategies for when you are tempted to #Selfharm #Relapse ? Do you have a relapse plan?

For me i use a red lacka band on my wrist, play piano, and paint with red paint. I alsp listen to sad music and look for other ways to harm myself unfortunately like alcohol or medication. So hard you just want a #release . Past #Addiction can creep up and its so hard in those moments. Nothing can compare to the actual act. You can be so #tempted to put your self in #harmsway and want to participate in #risktaking behaviour.