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    Anyone else experiencing this?? #Christianity #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #Pain #tension #hardtobreathe

    My anxiety is in full swing it seems I just completed a twelve hour shift at work and the entire time it felt like my chest was tight my back was tight hard to breathe didn’t feel comfortable when I was breathing I trust my Lord and savior Jesus Christ it’s just anxiety stinks it’s a struggle and I’m not sure 🤔 why but getting a good amount of sleep has been difficult for a while now by God’s grace I got I believe around six hours yesterday I think 4 consecutively then 2 after that I spent New Year’s Eve with my fiancé and she swears that I got 5.5 consecutive hours of sleep before this point it was less but I still feel like I am not getting enough my psychiatrist 👩‍⚕️ is not helping she’s refusing to give more than 15 Ativan for an entire month when I requested her to at least allow me one at night and one in the morning just wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing anything similar


    Wearing a mask makes it impossible for me to breathe...

    Hi - hoping for some input. My doctor & I noticed in mid-August (1st in-person appointment after office had suspended in-person visits in March) that my blood oxygen level drops significantly when I wear a mask for an extended time (reproduced in her office). At this point, I wasn't wearing a mask often, and definitely not for long periods, as many things were still closed down, and I was most often at home. I have tried about 10 types of masks, and even with the one where I find it easiest to breathe, I can't keep it on for long. I've had a handful of long shopping trips (Target, a couple of long grocery shopping outings) and, by the time I reach the check-out, I am light-headed, barely able to stay upright, and walking like I am completely drunk (usually these symptoms prompt me to end the shopping trip, even if I'm not totally done). In late September, I was diagnosed with pneumonia - started treatment with a week of oral antibiotics, after being done with the antibiotics for about week, I really hadn't improved, and was admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics - I was only discharged this past Wednesday and am still on oral antibiotics. Post-pneumonia, I am still regularly experiencing shortness of breath, and it definitely doesn't make wearing a mask any easier. (And did I mention that I have pretty severe asthma; before this I had started working with a new allergist to see if it can be better controlled.) Where I live, in NY, almost 100% of businesses, restaurants, etc., will not allow you in/serve you if you are not wearing a mask; not wearing a mask while walking down the street can get you nasty looks and even commentary on your "choice." My fellow people with difficulty breathing, what are you doing in a world that continues to require masks? Obviously, not breathing to the point where it's obvious that my oxygen level is too low isn't a good solution, but it's hard to prevent all situations where extended mask wear is necessary... I want to be clear - it is not the idea of wearing a mask that bothers me. I'm all for helping to protect the community and contributing to herd immunity; everyone wearing masks, myself included, is also protective for me, as I would be extremely high risk if I contract COVID-19. So, how are others striking that balance - I need to breathe and there are also times I need a mask for a long time. How should I be walking this very fine line?
    #Lifestyle #WearingAMask #difficultybreathing #ImmuneSystem #autoimmune #Asthma #Pneumonia #fineline #hardtobreathe


    Stairs... What a pain.

    Getting down my basement stairs, which is a task I really needed to finish due to the movers on the floor above me, took an hour today and I feel physically exhausted and pretty done with feeling this defeated doing simple tasks every day. I had to give up my independence due to this incurable condition and it's just messed up that the world works the way it does. I'm losing hope that I can go on and live my life with this constant pain. I'm sorry, I really needed to get that off my chest today. I need to know if this is all worth the effort.

    #Pain #ChronicIllness #Depression #Anxiety #hardtobreathe #SeizureDisorder #CyclicVomitingSyndrome #CheerMeOn #CheckInWithMe #notokay #ChronicPain #Cancer #Migraine #Scoliosis #Achalasia #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #Canttakemuchmore


    August will be a bitch #hardtobreathe

    My mom died in August. My ex husband who was my college sweetheart and best friend and alcoholic who died at 42 died in August. Our wedding was in August- I never left because I stopped loving him. 10th 15th 16th years apart but my heart doesn’t care . Plus. We have a special Mass said for my mom every year in August 16th because she died on the 15th and all Catholics know that was the Assumption and you can’t have a special Mass that day- August is a bitch. Nobody reads these so it’s a running journal now —- #Anxiety