It’s been 7 years since I attempted #Suicide & wound up in the #ICU in a coma. My husband saved me & part of myself is very glad he did & I’ve overcame so much since then but I’m also going through so much more stuff right now that I’m grappling with #SuicidalIdeation & makes me wish I had succeeded. The other day I saw this post on Twitter from a fellow #SuicideAttempt survivor & it did give me hope, make me feel like I could maybe get through this, eventually, hopefully. Getting the will to live back has been a process that I will endure for the rest of my life. Having #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #BipolarDisorder & #Anxiety #PTSD puts me at higher risk of #Selfharm & suicide. I always have to keep that in mind. So to anyone else out there in the same position as me, going through so much but still here, still living, still continuing your story, know you are not alone. Many are barely holding on just trying to get by. I have to remind myself that living gives me opportunities to grow, & I just have to hold out hope that it will get better & just #TakeItOneDayAtATime things are really hard for me right now, I’m going through #Divorce & I feel like I’ve lost my heart & best friend in the process. This is not going to be an easy thing to accept or deal with . One day at a time though that’s all I can do. It’s inspiring though to see someone who’s been through it come out the other side better for it. I hope I can say the same eventually, just right now I’m too broken to say I’ve made it through, but I’m trying my best not to give up. I deserve love, I deserve peace, I deserve happiness.