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    The choice

    To those who will be left behind,
    Where were you when I needed you?!?
    Where were you when I needed a hug?!?
    Where were you when I was falling apart?!?
    Where were you when I needed you to stop me cause I know I don’t have the strength to stop myself?!?
    NO WHERE!!
    Don’t you dare fucking tell me I am being selfish!
    So I made a choice for me... for myself
    I will get what I’ve always wanted
    I needed a reason, but you couldn’t give me that because you couldn’t be bothered
    You had no interest or you just didn’t take me serious
    You made no effort
    It was too late anyway
    Life isn’t for certain people
    You weren’t there when I had the blades in my hands
    Knowing I would bleed to death
    Or even drown myself with pills knowing I would OD
    You have no idea how much pain I was in
    So I made a choice
    So don’t cry for me when I am gone
    Where were you??
    —Steph V
    #Thechoice #Suicide #Depression