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My sweet bunny

This is Velvet😊 she’s the first stuffed friend I got when I was going through the worst time of my trauma. I was sexually abused. Every time I hug her, I start to tear up. I think because she’s a safe touch for me.. sharing because I wanted to get some ideas from the community why I get emotional with her? Do you have any favorite fluffy friends? ❤️🐰 #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #CPTSD #MentalHealth #stuffedanimal #CopingWithAnxiety #thisishowicope #copingwithptsd

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The Power Of A Teddy Bear

This old fella is the most helpful furry friend. When I’m starting to get upset I look into his eyes, scratch behind his ears, rub his face, and hug him. I hold his paws all the time. He makes me smile. He makes me feel safe. I’m never without him now. He tags along everywhere I go. He means so much to me. He listens to me. I’m grateful and lucky to have so much trust and love from a teddy bear. ❤️🐻 #Anxiety #PTSD #thisishowicope #Depression #teddybear #thepowerofplushies

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Emotional support bear

This is Oak. I struggle daily with severe depression, ptsd, and anxiety. I’ve been in therapy for over half my life. One day I asked my therapist if I could bring Oak to therapy. Oak helps me cope through the flashbacks and grounds me. I’m forever grateful for him and how comforting he is. He is kind, gentle and sits with me when I’m struggling. He hugs me when I cry. We go to therapy together. He goes everywhere with me… even though I’m an adult. Finding him in that big bed full of teddy bears for sale.. he picked me. He came to me hurt with no stuffing in his back. I healed him and he heals me. #depression #Anxiety #PTSD #emotionalsupportbear #copingwithptsd #thisishowicope #powerofplushies

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