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Nervous and Excited!

Today I am going to see some friends. I'm a bit worried about many things. But I've been working really hard to find ways to quietly accept myself and have fun anyway. Hopefully I will be able to keep my worries away. But if not, I know how to recharge and calm down. It's okay to be weird! And at least one of my friends will accept the strange sides of me.

There's still a lot that I am not ready for. I know my walls are too high and this sometimes makes me behave in odd ways. I am very nervous. I wish I had a therapist again. But I don't. And it'll be okay for now. #CopingWithAnxiety


Love: Hyperfixation & Addiction #Love #CopingWithAnxiety #Anxiety #Hyperfixation #Loveaddict

I am constantly hyperfixating on people that I find attractive, give me attention, or celebrities/actors and their characters. I find myself stalking their social media and even have a private folder filled with pictures and videos of them because I can’t go to sleep without looking at their images. It’s such a burden and I feel absolutely crazy !!! Throughout the day I would literally have to look at these images to give myself a boost of energy and dopamine or I’d be depressed all day. With celebrities, I would watch hours on hours of their music videos, interviews, every movie or show they’ve ever been in, Instagram/tiktok edits… ALSO they become the main character in my dream scenarios. Don’t even get me started on how low I feel without having someone to fixate on. I guess it’s a coping mechanism because it truly takes my mind off of the problems in my life, but it makes it hard to focus on important things and no one should feel THIS dependent on someone they don’t or barely know. I’ve also recently heard about “love addiction” which is basically being addicted to recreating that new crush/honeymoon phase feeling because you seek the rush that it comes with but not being able to maintain a lasting commitment. I genuinely feel empty without that “new crush” feeling and the low spiral resembles that of a depressive low. I physically can’t care for myself or my surroundings (not showering, brushing teeth/hair, throwing away trash, cleaning in general) when my mind isn’t preoccupied with my current fixation. And it’s not on purpose, I just begin to feel like my entire life is falling apart because first my real life is in shambles and now my imaginary escape life is too? When I have no escape it’s almost like I can’t find peace in anything. Everything frustrates me. I’m unsure if what I’m describing can be categorized as something else or if it’s normal, or I really am crazy.

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Newbie saying hello #Selfcare #CopingWithAnxiety #movingforward

Just discovering the Mighty community and already falling in love. This is a piece i did last year from a series on coping strategies for stress, anxiety, overwhelm. I still use the works as reminders for myself on the rough days.
But, I’m passionate about sharing my experiences and support because I know how important it was/is to me that others shared with me. I hope y’all are having a lovely night/day. #nicetomeetyou

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My sweet bunny

This is Velvet😊 she’s the first stuffed friend I got when I was going through the worst time of my trauma. I was sexually abused. Every time I hug her, I start to tear up. I think because she’s a safe touch for me.. sharing because I wanted to get some ideas from the community why I get emotional with her? Do you have any favorite fluffy friends? ❤️🐰 #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #CPTSD #MentalHealth #stuffedanimal #CopingWithAnxiety #thisishowicope #copingwithptsd


#CopingWithAnxiety 14?!

I have REALLY bad anxiety. I have abandonment anxiety, generalized anxiety, social anxiety and anxiety that produces such bad paranoia that I can't leave my bedroom. I've had all of these anxieties for as long as I can remember. However, I remember when I was around the age of 6 I started wearing rings because when I'm anxious, I fidget. Now, I'm 16 and wear anywhere between 5 and 14 rings (through out both hands) to make sure I always have something to fidget with, Not to mention the 5 bracelets(+), 3 hair ties(+), and 2 necklaces(+) I wear regularly. Is this bad? My last therapist told me it was a problem that I needed to work on. I never went back after she said that, but now I'm wondering if she was it bad that I wear the jewelry to help??








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Anyone out here absorbing the guilt and shame of your abusive past? Time to vent and heal togehter!

👂 My abuser denied the guilt. So I took it...⁠

Shame and guilt are powerful forces. They can tear the strongest person down. Intoxicate their thoughts. And corrupt their heart. 💔⁠⁠

But the biggest problem about guilt is that someone has to take it.

If the guilty person doesn't accept the guilt. Then the guilt creeps into the hearts and minds of the victim. Like a drug addict mother blaming her daughter for calling the police. Or the abuser who manipulates the child. Making the child believe it's their fault. Sealing the child's lips with the guilt they refuse to take.

But today I'm here to forgive myself.

I forgive myself for staying quiet so long.

I forgive myself for denying my past.

I forgive myself for hurting me.

Because he couldn't break me!

Because I still love myself!

In the end, it is his secret. Not mine.⁠⁠

Read about how I escaped my abusive father's basement:

Or how I started to journaling for mental health and how you can do the same:




#Abuse #Suicide #Bipolar #Depression #Trauma #PTSD #CopingWithAnxiety #BipolarDepression

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Why something as simple as journaling changed my life

To be honest I get overly excited when talking about journaling. Simply because of the tremendous impact it had on my life. I wrote my first journal page in a clinic because I tried to kill myself the day before. And ever since then I never tried to kill myself again. Honestly, I didn't even think about it. Not because life stopped throwing shit at me. Not because everything got fluffy and super comfortable from thereon. No! Just because I had someone to talk to. Someone I could express my deepest fears and most hurtful memories with.

For someone who never tried journaling, I might sound like a crazy person. Talking about some paper like a person. But trust me on this one. I'm doing this for almost four years now. Your journal can listen to you better than most humans can. You learn more about yourself by writing than anywhere else.

For someone who tried to start journaling and gave up, I have a brilliant solution. There is one foolproof method to start journaling. I've seen it work on many people. Including close friends and family. You can read about it in my blog:



#PTSD #BipolarDepression #Abuse #MentalHealth #Journaling #CopingWithAnxiety #narcissticpersonality #Suicide #dissociativedisorders