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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Coodles. I'm curious about
Information and more readings. #MightyTogether #ThyroidDisease

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Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent Lights in the hall... visible through the window of the room I'm in. ..Emergency Room... Can't... ...breathe. And I'm alone, except for the staff.

All the things I deal with, all the conditions...

I still try to show up for other people... I think... ...

I am not as supported in this life as I thought I was.

This hurts... and it feels like a long, winding dirt road that I could get lost on forever.... but maybe the first step is the hardest?

Have I been so blind... for so long?

Am I enough? To be respected? Loved? What about... cherished?

All I wanted was to be visited, and without expectation. #ER #Asthma #BipolarDisorder #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #RareDisease #BrainAbnormality #GriefWork #SleepDisorders #ThyroidDisease

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is gashaffer2850. I'm here because i have had covid 4 times, i have hashiomotos disorder, menopause, gaining weight like crazy, fatigued, exhausted and overall nobody can piece together what is really going on with me

#MightyTogether #Anxiety #COVID19 #ThyroidDisease #menopause

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Discontinued Tampons

Not many people probably think that tampons have anything to do with accessibility but they do. I have been using the same brand fr 30yrs U by Kotex Security. This brand is the only kind that fits my body my hands can grip it with one hand, not 2, and insert almost flawless. Unfortunately they discontinued them. I bleed monthly and go through a box or 2 depending on if I’m having a heavy flow, I never know when this will be. I have to always wear heavy absorbing just in case. But now I’m supposed to rely on other brands that I’ve tried that I can’t even use one handed. Did this company not take into account that they run the market for heavy flow hygiene products? Those with endometriosis or pcos or have hormone fluctuations will now have to rely on inferior products, that aren’t as accessible. I started a petition if you can please sign and share #Endometriosis #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #hormoneimbalance #Lipedema #Accessibility #ThyroidDisease

Sign the Petition

Bring Back U by Kotex Security Tampons
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#Depression taking over again #CheckInWithMe

I recently came back from Hawaii. I know, sounds like I should be completely relaxed. I’m not. I’m struggling greatly. Vacations don’t mean what they used to. I spent my time navigating people and trying to be mindful of covid. I felt the impact of my recently job termination in our trip budget (this trip was already paid beforehand). The weight of infertility burdened me as I avoided local coffee and alcohol with the hopes it would benefit me during the two week wait while we were away. While I did enjoy my time, it honestly was just a reminder of how much I needed an escape from my life, and how I still couldn’t REALLY escape. There’s so much weighing me down and I feel so empty. Honestly, I wish I didn’t come back. I wish I could’ve died in the Pacific Ocean, and maybe had a little peace for the first time in a very long time. I’m so tired. Tired of everything that comes with mental health issues, thyroid disease, infertility; my race, my gender, My socioeconomic status. I just feel so perpetually hopeless. It feels like everything I’m trying isn’t working. Even expensive vacations aren’t helping the way they “should”. I feel awful complaining about a trip to Hawaii, something many can only dream about, but it doesn’t change how I feel inside. I just feel so empty. My life is so empty. My soul is craving happiness I feel like I will never experience. Im tired of just existing. I want to feel alive. #Depression #PTSD #Anxiety #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease


Another Lost Day

I didn't make it up and out today. I set my alarm, but I just turned it off and went back to sleep because I was so sleepy. I woke up to use the bathroom earlier, as is usual, and I only had a couple of hours more to sleep to get up when I wanted to. If I wake up too close to when I want to go out, chances are, I won't be able to make myself get up. This isn't something I can afford right now. As some of you know, I need to find someone to prescribe my meds, since my psychiatrist retired, and I can't find a psychiatrist who takes Medicare. I've found out why fewer psychiatrists and doctors are taking Medicare, and you can search that for yourself, but one reason is--surprise!--money. I understand doctors need to be paid and want more money, but those of us who don't have much money need help, too. All too often, we don't get good psychiatrists and doctors. Or other resources. I am rationing my meds, but I have less than a week before I'll be out. I don't want to go to the hospital if I can avoid it, and a couple other types of places, but I might have to. I'm feeling much more anxious, and my boyfriend doesn't seem to care. That's not new, but I'm scared, and I have no one.



So tired of survival mode #CheckInWithMe

What do you do when it’s all too much? I mean I’ve been trying to hard to “get through”, and even with therapy and meds don’t seem to help anymore. Financial insecurity (lost my job today, student loans coming back due in august and cost of living is insane), trying to conceive (just had a second round of iui after several years of surgeries and no luck naturally - which now feels like a bad idea after job loss), and perpetual stress, pain and emptiness? My thyroid disease, my mental health ailments and life as a whole have me so depressed, I don’t even know what to expect from myself. I’m just so tired of being tired. I’m so tired of trying to not be hopeless and feel so despondent. But it’s like what do you do when you’re tired of feeling that way? I don’t know what else I have left. There’s just nothing else for me. 😞 #Depression #PTSD #Anxiety #ChronicIllness #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease


Hypothyroidism & Lymphedema

Why is it that these two diseases seem to go hand-in-hand? Have noticed that there is a preponderance of women who have these two diseases. Women with Lymphedema also have Hypothyroidism. Or, women may have another Thyroid disease as well. Dr.Joseph Mercola recommended taking 1,500 I.U. of Iodine with Levothyroxine pill prescribed by my primary care physician, so I do so. Has anyone else noticed this correlation?



Do the side effects from taking Lyrica pass. How long before I feel normal again?

I take other meds for mild anxiety/depression; arthritis pain, allergies; thyroid disease and sleep. Seems like a lot of medication with little relief for the pain! #Fibromyalgia #Anxiety /Depression#ThyroidDisease # Mitral Valve Prolapse